“River City New Year’s Eve twelve hour” at noon: express “Spring Festival transport” to pay New Year’s greetings

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Hubei Daily all media reporter Zhang Qianqian correspondent Xiong Feng 13:00 to 15:00 – weiqi: also known as the sun, sun central, etc., is the summer will disappear.”Thank you!Thank you!”On January 31st, at 2:00 p.m. on lunar New Year’s Eve, Ms. Luo, living in East Lake International Community, Fudi District, Wuhan city, received 5 jin of mutton chops sent by her sister from the northwest. She kept thanking jiang Cheng, the little brother of S.F. Express.Stinky mandarin fish from Anhui, bonsai from Chaoshan, Hongshan vegetable moss, Caidian lotus root…As the Spring Festival approaches, SF Express has become a transfer station for Chinese New Year goods from south to north.Behind the new fashion of online shopping for New Year’s goods and express New Year’s greetings is the silent adherence of express little brother “delivery is not broken”.The North Zhonglu branch of SF Express is the largest branch of SF Express in Wuchang District, with nearly 80 employees in the peak period.This year, the branch’s 17 staff stayed on duty during the Spring Festival holiday.”The number of express deliveries during the Spring Festival is increasing year by year.””At the peak of last week, the express delivery network sent and received more than 20,000 items per day, 1.3 times that of the same period last year,” said Zhou Yayun, head of the branch.Courier brother Jiangcheng is on duty during the Spring Festival holiday.”At this time of year, customers value the timeliness of delivery.”He said that the company in the five provinces in Central China, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hubei around the range of receiving and sending pieces, basically can guarantee the delivery of goods the next day, during the Spring Festival has a large volume of business, only he per person, still need to receive and send 100-200 pieces of express every day.”I feel express delivery has become a link connecting people. More and more people use express delivery to send goods and blessings for the New Year. We can deliver this joy and let everyone have a happy New Year.”Jiang said he has worked overtime during Spring Festival in two of his four years in the business.Jiangcheng, as its name suggests, is a native of Wuhan.During the epidemic in 2020, he was on the front line with all his colleagues in Wuhan.This year, thinking of the field colleagues usually reunited with less opportunities, he took the initiative to apply for duty again.”I live so close that everything is convenient.”Jiang cheng smiled and said, “Happy on duty!When not on duty at home is to eat and drink, the person is very lazy, but on duty very energetic.The company will send the opening red envelope, receive, send piece commission according to the usual 3 times calculation, can earn more than three or four thousand dollars!”After work that day, Jiang took his wife and children to his parents’ home for the New Year’s Eve dinner. “I don’t have time to spend with my parents at ordinary times.When the epidemic is over, I will send them a tour group with overtime pay and take the elderly and children with me.”Jiang cheng said, looking forward to the future in his eyes.Source: Hubei Daily