On a cavalier visit to China in 1982, Col Gaddafi was humiliated by deng Xiaoping

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One day in late September 1982, three “ufos” appeared on the air defense radar screen in southwest China. Our Air Force immediately dispatched fighter jets to prevent them from violating our airspace.The three aircraft were the first to identify themselves when they saw the Chinese fighter jets.It turned out that the three planes were the special planes of then-Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi and came to China for a visit.Our reception staff had already been waiting anxiously in Urumqi Airport thousands of miles away as agreed in advance, preparing to transfer here and then fly to Beijing.Did not think, Gaddafi and a group of people’s plane has secretly changed the original landing to Urumqi, then from Urumqi to Beijing flight route, but from the southwest of China, but also almost caused a disaster.Gaddafi’s explanation is that he did not follow the agreed route because he feared his whereabouts would be captured by the wrong elements.When Gaddafi and his party arrived in Beijing, we asked them to stop at the designated location for the convenience of receiving them.But they refused to get off the plane because we were too low.We had to send ngpei Ngawang Jigme, then vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, to meet them.Until then, Gaddafi, surrounded by a group of beautiful bodyguards, slowly stepped off the plane.Later, Gaddafi went into talks with Deng in a totally cocky manner, with no respect whatsoever, and Deng simply put him down.What did Deng Say that embarrassed the “King of Africa” so much?And what is Qaddafi’s vaunted capital?What was his ultimate fate?At that time, China had carried out the reform and opening up, and various undertakings were flourishing. China also established diplomatic relations with the United States, and gradually expanded its influence in the world.China’s growing power naturally caught Colonel Qaddafi’s eye, too.At this time, Gaddafi was very radical in his ruling ideology and his relations with the West were extremely bad.He badly needs to boost Libya’s diplomatic capital by visiting China.Although gaddafi’s special plane did not fly according to the agreed route, nor did he truthfully provide the specific number of visitors to China, which showed a lack of basic diplomatic etiquette.Still, we were generous and well aware of qaddafi’s ways.In the early days, Colonel Qaddafi even stood up the Soviet Union’s Leonid Brezhnev diplomatic corps.In addition, Gaddafi claimed that his visit to China brought us $20 billion in cooperation projects. At that time, China’s economic and social development was also in great need of strengthening foreign cooperation, so we still showed hospitality and resolved the “small friction” with a broad mind.When the whole gaddafi delegation arrived in Beijing and stayed at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Chinese concierge and security guards suddenly found out why there were so many women soldiers, and immediately asked the Libyan staff.Libya said they were gaddafi’s female bodyguards.The Libyan side also asked the Chinese side to spare a floor for the female bodyguards so they could cope with the fatigue of the long journey.Try to arrange single rooms or, if not enough, group dormitories.The Libyan side even asked the Chinese side, the female bodyguards must accompany Gaddafi everywhere, even in various activities no exception.In the spirit of the friendship of the host, In the face of all the harsh requirements put forward by the Libyan side, China has tried its best to make arrangements in every detail.When Col. Gadhafi entered the Great Hall of the People for meetings and banquets, the women, who are trained, rushed to the front of the line and dispersed to surround him.The girls, handsome and stout, wore the green Libyan uniform, which made them look graceful and radiant.They appear on the TV screen, very attractive, suddenly become the center of attention.When Deng Xiaoping and Gaddafi had a formal meeting, Gaddafi delayed the meeting because of the birthday of his female bodyguard, causing our staff to wait for a long time.It is a travesty of international diplomacy that a formal meeting between the two countries was postponed because of a bodyguard’s birthday.When he arrived at the meeting, he was unapologetic, his legs crossed.When Deng and Gaddafi talked about their joint project, Gaddafi appeared to be very flat, only responding occasionally, then turning back from time to time to smile with the female bodyguard, without any diplomatic decorous, without any respect for our personnel.Qaddafi talked to Deng about his philosophy of governance and even offered to buy nuclear weapons from China.Gaddafi’s visit to China has one of the most important purposes, is to obtain China’s nuclear weapons.He also bought advanced weapons from western countries, but the lure of nuclear weapons was too great.Gaddafi applied to western countries to buy nuclear weapons due to the lack of technical talent in Libya, but was turned down by China.Of course, this is not the first time he has coveted China’s nuclear weapons.As early as 1970, he sent his aide Jaroud to China to offer to buy nuclear weapons and let China make any offer.At that time, our leaders warmly received Jaroud under the principle of “all visitors are guests”, but as a responsible and peace-loving country, Our country still solemnly refused Jaroud’s request.After all, when it comes to nuclear weapons, China firmly abides by the relevant rules – it does not sell nuclear weapons to non-nuclear states!More than a decade later, Gaddafi again so persistent pursuit of nuclear weapons, naturally not for peaceful purposes, but to enrich his country’s Arsenal, and then expand Libya’s military influence, to achieve the ambition of foreign expansion.This unrealistic demand put forward by Gaddafi, of course, was again rejected by our country.In the past, when Deng Xiaoping met with King Hussein of Jordan, the eyes of deng Xiaoping were always focused on him respectfully and he even took out a fire to light a cigarette for Deng. This fully reflected the importance they attached to China and their respect for Deng.He was so impressed that he even told the staff around him that “This King Hussein was very polite”.After meeting With Qaddafi, Deng xiaoping told the audience, “Qaddafi is a man with high AIRS and no manners like King Hussein.”Deng gong a word let Gaddafi instant down, the scene was embarrassed unceasingly.So formal talks between the two sides ended in acrimony.It is worth noting that gaddafi signed some projects with Our country, in the later concrete implementation process, in fact, only let China participate in some small projects of little value, the real profit of the big projects are left to western countries.Such a leader who lacks diplomatic etiquette and good faith is also doomed to be abandoned by the international community.How was the “King of Africa” born?Born in 1942 in sirte, a small city on the edge of the Libyan desert, Gaddafi was a keen reader and a top academic despite growing up in poverty.As gaddafi lived a nomadic life since childhood, he formed the character of “uninhibited love freedom”.He became interested in politics after middle school, when he was exposed to a large number of socialist books and found he could quickly organize his classmates with passionate speeches.Later, he was admitted to a military academy and even went on a study tour in Britain for half a year.After graduation, he joined the army as an officer, gradually showing extraordinary leadership, and even formed a group of free officers with himself as the core.In the late 1960s, the situation in Libya was changing.The king was in his 70s and was too ill to handle domestic affairs.The royal families and high-ranking military and political personnel formed cliques for personal gain and were corrupt, leaving the common people in dire straits.Various forces, including Colonel Qaddafi’s free officers, are poised to seize power in a coup.One morning in September 1969, Qaddafi gathered his men and seized power in a swift coup.Once a civilian boy, he rose to the top of the country, the equivalent of winning the first prize in the lottery.Since childhood to Nasser as the mentor of the revolution, shaped Gaddafi’s tough style.In the early days of his rule, Gaddafi’s calls for reforms to streamline government were ignored, with many civil servants crossing their legs in their offices, drinking tea and chatting without doing anything.So, Gaddafi decided to make an example of him, he ordered troops into a government building, all the officials’ chairs removed…Libya is rich in oil and gas resources, and Colonel Qaddafi’s nationalization of oil and gas companies long held abroad quickly increased the national wealth and made Libya the richest country in Africa.Later, Libya realized free education and free medical care for all, and the people also enjoyed the dividend of national development. Therefore, Gaddafi was deeply loved by the domestic people.Gaddafi has made his country rich and his people live and work in peace. The people naturally support this great leader.Qaddafi, his chin raised slightly and nodded with satisfaction as he watched his country thrive under his own noble leadership and his own popular appeal.Then he grabbed a pen and paper and composed a poem very casually…The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s left the United States as the world’s sole superpower.Therefore, Qaddafi began to actively adjust the relationship with western countries, he changed the former tough style, take the initiative to curry favor with western countries, the former Arab world anti-American “standard-bearer” suddenly changed into a pro-American bellwether.The speed of its about-face has left other countries stunned.Libya is envied for its rich oil and gas reserves.Western countries also began to reward Qaddafi half of the thin, to Qaddafi threw olive branch eagerly accepted.In fact, the West’s friendship with Qaddafi is more about oil than wine.The west’s outpouring of goodwill from Mr Qaddafi is merely a hope that he will let his guard down.Gaddafi’s family has ruled Libya for more than four decades, and the country’s economy is one of the largest in Africa, but its long history of corruption has left its people deeply unhappy.The dragon boy eventually became a dragon.Every time Qaddafi traveled, he was accompanied by hundreds of cars and hundreds of people, earning face for the country but angering the masses with his extravagance.Later, the long-term economic sanctions imposed by western countries on Libya made Libya’s economy worse. Some opposition figures began to collude with foreign forces and set off waves of opposition to Gaddafi under the banner of “let the people rule”.And Gaddafi to these opposition forces are not polite, directly sent troops to quell the rebellion.Western countries just seized the handle of Gaddafi’s human rights violations, passed a series of sanctions on Libya and Gaddafi family resolution, in the name of protecting their own investment interests in Libya directly into Libya.Rebels inside Libya, along with foreign forces, are targeting Gadhafi directly.Colonel Qaddafi’s carefully constructed defenses are simply flimsy.He was later captured by rebel forces in his hometown.As muammar Gaddafi was shot dead with a pistol by a rebel soldier, the country’s supreme leader lay dead in the streets.Conclusion Throughout Gaddafi’s legendary life, there are glory, but also the soul.As the saying goes, character determines destiny. Gaddafi was unrestrained and rebellious, and dared to attack the world powers.However, no matter how tough it is, if it loses the public sentiment, it will end up as a clown.Reference: Shi Yanchun, Wang Nianhua.Qaddafi in the Eyes of Chinese Ambassador [J]. Southern People Weekly,2011(10).Shi Yanchun. Gaddafi in my impression [J]. Arab World,2004(03).Yin Chengde. The cause and effect of Gaddafi’s “change of face” [J]. Leadership Science,2004(07).Hao Yao. Libya’s “Mad Man” Gaddafi [J]. Encyclopedia Knowledge,2011(04).Rong Xiaoqing. Maverick Qaddafi [J]. Leadership Review,2010(04). Wang Houli.What I know about Gaddafi [J]. Diplomatic Review,2005(08).