A man had travelled hundreds of kilometres by bus before he realized he had left his son at the station

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A man alone with a 3-year-old child to xi ‘an North railway station bus, to Guangyuan only to find that the child did not take the car.So he immediately called the police and returned to Xi ‘an North Railway Station by car, and finally found the child with the help of the police.At 11:00 on February 5th, a passenger surnamed Liu asked the police on duty of Xi ‘an North Railway Station for help, saying that he and his 4-year-old son got separated in the waiting room.Police to understand the location and child physical features immediately after the work, 10 minutes later in the waiting room to find Mr. Liu’s son, at this time, the child also because of the father disappeared and anxious to cry.Police said, after understanding, Mr. Fan was alone with the three-year-old child to xi ‘an North Railway Station bus, until they arrived in Guangyuan only to find the child forgotten, so immediately called the police and took a car back to Xi ‘an North Railway Station, finally with the help of police to find the child.Xi ‘an North Railway Station police introduced that during the Spring Festival travel rush, there are often children who can not catch up with the speed of their parents and “lag behind”, and some parents even forget to take their children to travel, only to find their children missing when they come back to their minds.In this prompt parents: travel with children to be patient, concentration, do not let the child out of their line of sight, for lively and active children, parents can borrow anti-lost traction rope, to prevent children from getting separated.Hua Shang Bao reporter Miao Qiaoying correspondent Xin Tian Li Chunhua