Want to change things?Get moving with the new Ford ESCAPE!

2022-08-06 0 By

Are you tired of your boring life?Do you want to get your life moving?ESCAPE uses speed to improvise, run out of rhythm, and make life more exciting!Whistling past with speed wind and waves, let the silent heart beat!To achieve your new life experience with quality, the new Ford ESCAPE, fashion high-performance SUV, let life dynamic!In modeling, the charm of ESCAPE is unstoppable!Whether it is the dynamic fashion appearance integrated with aesthetic essence, or the highly tension waist line, or the star dome-style air intake grille echoing the gem cutting LED headlights, all highlight the texture of every detail;The large size of the body of 4585mm*1882mm*1688mm is fully displayed, and the panoramic skylight of 7000cm2 is fully displayed!High-quality styling naturally requires a core that matches it.When entering the car, the full-size LCD instrument panel + 12.3-inch color touch screen attracts all eyes. Load SYNC+ Zhixing information entertainment system, and the AI intelligence based on Baidu’s powerful database can easily recognize a variety of speech semantics and understand your needs in seconds.Danish brand audio + massive audio-visual entertainment information, so that any driving scene as immersive;You can also use the FordPass App to remotely execute your car instructions.Inheriting ford track genes, the new ESCAPE is equipped with a powerful high-performance ECoboost 2.0T engine +8AT transmission, capable of generating up to 248 horsepower and a peak torque of 393N·m. It only takes 7.5s to accelerate to 100km, making every acceleration and overtaking a pleasure.With AWD detachable intelligent four-wheel drive system, millisecond precise four-wheel torque distribution, so that all driving scenarios are smooth!The new ESCAPE uses a higher 1700MPa cold-quenched martensitic steel cast cage body to enhance safety and reduce body weight, further improving vehicle maneuverability;The whole system standard with omnidirectional 7 airbag, omnidirectional protection to give you reliable protection;More integrated AEB intelligent induction brake protection system (with pedestrian recognition function), ACC full speed intelligent adaptive cruise control system and a number of intelligent driver assistance systems, to create a new Ford CO-Pilot360TM Intelligent driving assistance system, escort your safety!ESCAPE, think what you think, break the immutable life, let life beat up!If you want to make your life feel better, start from ESCAPE!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)