The real-time perspective of the minimum operating unit achievement of hegang supply chain construction management support system

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Hebei newswise – (Du Yuhui, JiJie) since this year, river steel supply chain to highlight steel group steel unit of market main body status, combined with nine branch business situation, speed up the construction of system platform under the support of management support system, through according to single, according to project accounting, real-time perspective minimum management unit operating results,It provides a management platform support for the reform of incentive distribution mechanism and becomes a new driving force for industrial development and efficiency creation of hegang subsidiary Company.On March 25th, The transportation Department of supply Chain and Handan Branch of Hesteel cashed the first batch of multi-industry pay-per-order pay-per-project awards for more than 60 people, allocating a total of 69,000 yuan and obtaining the highest quota of 4,330.88 yuan, which fully mobilized the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of employees to participate in the project.With the help of policy support and combined with the actual situation, the Transportation Department fully provides the real business scenes of the platform.Quickly drawn up and issued the transport business FenRun, reward management approach (provisional), with all its strength and branch project in a timely manner, iron iron intelligence transport contract with the branch project data correlation, tangshan, xuanhua and chengde three branches to complete the project application, cost accounting, such as platform process, accumulated in issuing precharge 4 pens, capacity of 86600 tons,The running water is 3,992,400 yuan.Handan Branch continued to expand the proportion of self-supporting business of industrial products, signed 571 self-supporting business contracts, 63 external and upstream and downstream contracts, achieving a profit of 497,500 yuan.Relying on the bicycle mode of Tietiezhiyun platform to complete the transportation task, expand the first automobile trade business, complete the flow of 1.5 million yuan, profit of 45,000 yuan.Through the supply chain platform, the company realized the online operation of the first scrap order, and provided about 35,000 tons of high-quality scrap for Hegang Handan Iron and Steel Co., LTD., with a cumulative effect of more than 100,000 yuan.In the next step, hesteel supply chain will further promote the implementation of single-order and project-based accounting, providing systematic support for the reform of distribution mechanism of Hesteel Group, and becoming a new starting point to implement the three-year action plan of state-owned enterprise reform and promote the development of non-steel industry of The Group.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: