Putian Jiangkou Police Station: Anti-fraud knowledge step to “stomach”

2022-08-06 0 By

Fujian Rule of law newspaper – Straits rule of law online January 28 – “winter melon, cucumber, small pumpkin, do not be a fraud of the little fool” “strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, careful fraud heard”…As the Spring Festival approaches, every household begins to prepare for the Spring Festival goods, and the demand for fruits and vegetables is gradually increasing. In the fruit and vegetable stalls of many supermarkets in Jiangkou Town, Hanjiang District, Putian City, the anti-fake slogans of “fruits and vegetables” launched by Jiangkou Police Station of Putian City public Security Bureau are particularly eye-catching.”Today’s fruit and vegetables in supermarkets are a little different. There are more anti-fraud knowledge on the fruit and vegetable stalls. This kind of publicity is very creative, and the slogan on it is both vivid and image.”On January 25, in jiangkou police station area of a supermarket shopping Ms Wang said.If you want to keep people away from fraud, just rely on literary slogans, the effect is often unsatisfactory.Jiangkou police Station jointly created these easy-to-understand anti-fraud tips with overseas Chinese middle school students, and pasted them on the fruits and vegetables in the supermarket, so that people can see them at a glance when buying these fruits and vegetables, to remind them to beware of being cheated.”The anti-fraud slogan ‘fruit and vegetable’ is just one of many anti-fraud propaganda activities conducted by Jiangkou Police Station of Putian Public Security Bureau.Next we will explore more anti-fraud elements, launch more distinctive features, more confident innovation publicity, effectively reduce the area of telecom network fraud incidence rate.”Jiang Kou police station related person in charge said.(Reporter Chen Qi Chen Jing Correspondent Huang Binbin)