Don’t take a whack-a-Mole approach to problems

2022-08-06 0 By

An important principle of problem solving in McKinsey’s Thinking on Charts is “Don’t whack-a-Mole.”You can’t solve a problem like whacking a gopher when it pops up.Such a solution to the problem, will never be solved, also can never really solve the problem to solve, will only be more and more problems solved, more and more trouble.Intuitively, the more the problem is solved, the bigger the article back to the previous way to solve the problem, but also mostly “whack-a-mole” way, “see it, see the action to dismantle the action, when the ship comes to the bridge naturally straight”.Problems are often “solved” by intuition and a pat on the head.But often the result is that the problem is not solved, and you are “solved” by the problem.With the scientific method, can once and for all in the book with the method of graphics, with the method of analysis, let us understand the cause of the problem, and with the scientific and step-by-step method, to decompose the problem, and find the best solution.Study gopher first, then whack-a-gopher Stop looking for gopher and whack-a-gopher with a hammer.It would be useful to spend some time studying the habits of ground squirrels, what burrows they have, and how to control them.# Management Don’t hit the ground squirrels, they will bite you.