Xu Jian, deputy director of municipal Planning and Resources Bureau, and his delegation came to Qingqing to investigate and guide the work

2022-08-05 0 By

On the morning of February 24, Xu Jian, deputy director of the Municipal Planning and Resources Bureau, led the construction management Department of the Municipal Bureau to investigate the operation of the platform for the planning and implementation of the new town construction project in Qingqing.Zhu Yongqiang, director of the District Planning and Resources Bureau, Xie Runhua and Li Zheng, deputy directors of the District Xincheng Company, planning Department and construction management Department attended the survey.At the symposium, Zhu Yongqiang introduced the key work of Qingpu New Town planning and construction and the operation of the platform for the planning and implementation of new town construction projects.The participants carried out interactive exchanges on implementing the functions and effects of the platform.On the basis of fully affirming the effect of promoting the implementation of the platform in our district, Xu Jian pointed out that improving the management mechanism of the planning implementation platform is a key work of the Municipal Bureau in 2022, and an important measure to implement the innovation and transformation action of the planning implementation mechanism.Qingpu district bureau and metro company, more attention must be paid to the related responsibility unit and fully understand the significance of the work, according to the requirements of “urban integration, to implement”, sum up experience in time, calm to docking actively, deal with planning practicality and management in accordance with the rules, the main body responsibility department and other departments, to guide the relationship between the management and interactive services,Strengthening the pooling of resource elements and enhancing the efficiency of platform play a role in improving the construction quality of Qingpu New Town.