What is the billing machine number?

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A billing machine number is the number of the machine that invoiced.1. Invoice is the business certificate issued and issued by all units and individuals to accept purchase, sale, service or engage in other business activities. It is not only the basis of accounting, but also an important basis for supervision and tax authorities to enforce the law and check.The receipt is evidence of payment. It only proves the occurrence of business, not whether or not payment has been made.If your workplace has a vote-counting machine, the machine number defaults to 0.2, the difference between paper printers, common office laser printer is widely used in fact many occasions, such as department stores, super printing chip, invoices, and the company’s financial printing with VAT invoice printer etc, many other purpose is: for example, the traffic police at the scene of using portable paper printer according to the facts, financial check printer.3, printing financial bills printer is very widely used in finance payroll, value-added tax invoices, service invoices, checks, administrative charges invoices;Financial industry printing process sheet bank business process sheet, l/C transaction voucher, bank statement, settlement list;Utilities and telecommunications print bills or invoices;Logistics industry printing process express, settlement list.