Should primary school stage pay attention to academic achievement after all?

2022-08-05 0 By

Today on the Internet to see an expert in education psychology, some of his ideas I think is a bit too extreme, he said, elementary student’s academic record, it’s not a real role what elementary school exam 100 points, and the good personality quality is more important, good habits of study is more important, with learning passion is more important, don’t take that so seriously as a result, the result does not make sense.Parents should keep an eye on their children’s reading habits and listen to their enthusiasm for learning. I think this is the biggest help for children.The rest of the time you can play, jump, exercise as much as you can, get as much sun, get as much sun.I think if such a laissez-faire children, children will not really learn attentively, if there is no result as a measurement standard, how can we parents know their children have learned the relevant knowledge points?Each child’s IQ, conscientiousness also each are not identical, we as parents, to do according to their aptitude, can’t let it give them free development, only the real discipline children, was able to do to let it go like this, otherwise we parents must ensure that their children, such as they grow up, formed the good habit to let it go again!Picture content from the Internet