Is there any possibility of landslides near the accident site?Eastern airlines air crash eighth conference answers

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China Eastern Airlines Flight Accident National Emergency Response Headquarters held its eighth press conference at 5 PM on March 27.The press conference disclosed that there may be landslides near the site of the accident, what is the actual situation?The press conference introduced that the core area of the accident is a mountainous area, due to the impact of the aircraft, continuous rain and large machinery excavation operations, the geological status of the site has a certain impact.To this end, the site headquarters organized experts, survey, research and judgment, that there is a small range of landslides around the site of the accident risk.In order to prevent secondary disasters caused by landslides and ensure the safety of personnel at the accident site, the headquarters mobilized the National Work Safety Emergency rescue center and the National Work Safety emergency rescue survey team, the National Tunnel rescue China Construction Engineering Construction Co., LTD., and the Kunming Team of China Railway No.2 Bureau.Three national professional forces, the Department of Natural Resources of Guangxi Autonomous Region and the Second Highway Engineering Bureau of China Communications have arranged three radar monitoring points for slope around the accident site to monitor the surrounding mountains.Among them, two monitoring points monitor the core area on both sides of the slope body, mainly used to protect the safety of the core area operation personnel, another monitoring point monitoring records the core area of the main channel of the slope, used to ensure access to the core area personnel and on-site duty, maintenance (sound) personnel safety.The three monitoring points are scheduled by the field headquarters in real time, joint monitoring and data sharing.Based on the principle of synthetic aperture radar, slope radar can measure the deformation of slope surface with high precision through microwave remote sensing interference technology. The equipment can collect a group of deformation data of slope surface every ten minutes, and the monitoring accuracy can reach 0.1 mm.When it is found that the large area and the batch speed are deformed, early warning can be issued to warn people to evacuate in advance.Source: