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Job hunting is a test of one’s comprehensive ability, and it is unrealistic to expect that some “personal coach” can “turn the dead into magic” in the job competition.Internet dachang has become hot property in the eyes of many job seekers in the recruitment season of gold, silver and Silver.Media investigation found that a number of “job-hunting private trainers” emerged.They target the anxiety of job seekers with short video courses on various platforms, advertising seductively: “Tips to change careers with zero experience,” “Take a young white against the big factory,” “one-on-one interview and salary counseling.”However, as job seekers pay high tuition fees, many private tutors show their true colors.Many job seekers find course content “unreliable” and “unusable”, and promised items such as internal promotion and practical operation fail to be fulfilled.This phenomenon is well described by the title of a recent media report — “Young people’s dream of big factory becomes the password of wealth for job hunting private tutors”.On the one hand, the Internet factory has been the “top choice” for many young people to find jobs in the past few years. Some so-called “private trainers” are introduced as “old people who have stayed in many big factories for N years” and “have helped more than 1000 students to find jobs in big factories”, which can be described as the accurate “harvest” of these young people’s dream of Dachang.On the other hand, in the past year or two, many Large Internet companies have entered a period of business adjustment, layoffs and talent “optimization”, making the competition to enter large companies more intense.As a result, many college graduates or job seekers pay for the service with the mentality that they would rather believe what they have, and the business of personal trainers is also growing.But a quick search of public information shows that “career coaching” — or a variety of other crash courses that claim to “get you a job” — is nothing new.From resume optimization gurus to paying to “push in” resumes, young people have previously paid for them, but it turns out that most of them are in vain.Even in terms of marketing processes, they are almost constant.For example, it is common to pander to and exaggerate job anxiety, then to attract attention through fictional success stories, attract people for free, and then lead paid “harvest”.It’s no exaggeration to say that, no matter what the name, the core of the job search services aimed at young job seekers’ anxiety is pretty much the same.Objectively speaking, some job seekers need to obtain certain “employment guidance” because of information asymmetry and lack of workplace experience. This is a very normal demand.But, personal training for jobs out “with small white counter attack companies” “pass when you take a consortium” commitment, not only at the risk of false advertising, also easy to young people are greatly misleading, as if just be “down” to give directions to took to the peak of life, let some people pinned in the later employment success “packaging”.Even some “private tutors” hand in hand to help students to fabricate their resumes.Such fishing in troubled waters, not only let some job seekers spend money in vain, but also encourage young job seekers to think utility-oriented in employment.In addition, it should be noted that in recent years, with the help of short videos and other network marketing, many “job hunting private education” are not just personal operation, from live broadcasting knowledge, traffic realization, online and offline training realization, commercial advertising, and so on, it has formed a complete industrial chain.This makes it seem more “elegant”, but in fact, due to the confusion of charging standards, unclear entry threshold, and opaque course evaluation and evaluation system, the water content of this kind of “private education” market should not be underestimated.We may not have to write off the industry entirely, but for now, every job seeker should be very careful about what they choose to pay for.At the same time, the relevant platforms and regulatory departments should also timely increase efforts to standardize.Job hunting is a test of one’s comprehensive ability, and it is unrealistic to expect that some “personal coach” can “turn the dead into magic” in the job competition.No job seeker should get carried away by all the “personal coaching” marketing.At the same time, it also reminds universities and public departments to do more and better in employment guidance and services.Red Star news special commentator Zhu Changjun editor Guan Li statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: