Chengdu 12345 Spring Festival hot epidemic prevention problem, answered!

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Spring Festival couplets, in place red envelopes, in place peanuts melon seeds sugar orange, in place # 3 days is the New Year’s Eve!Which epidemic prevention issues are you most concerned about?Here is a list of the most frequently consulted questions by citizens in the current 12345 mayor hotline to see if there are any answers you are looking for. If people from medium-high risk areas transfer in Chengdu, do they have to complete quarantine in Chengdu before leaving?A: Chengdu Municipal Health Commission: Transit passengers who need to be quarantined can be sent to the airport or railway station in a closed loop to leave Chengdu, and are not allowed to take public transportation.Q: For students returning to Chengdu from other places, only the local community issued a certificate of release from quarantine. After completing nucleic acid in Chengdu, do they need to be isolated?A: Chengdu Municipal Health Commission:Students from high-risk COVID-19 areas or counties (cities or districts) with local cases should complete a nucleic acid test upon arrival if they hold a certificate of lifting quarantine issued by COVID-19 emergency response headquarters at or above the county level, their schools or education authorities in the region where the epidemic occurred.No further home or centralized quarantine measures will be taken, and those who have been quarantined at home or centralized will be immediately removed from quarantine.If there is no proof of lifting the quarantine, the quarantine shall be strictly controlled in accordance with the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines of Sichuan Province (Fifth Edition).Q: If you have traveled to a medium-high risk area or passed through a city affected by the epidemic, how will you manage it?A: Chengdu Municipal Health Commission: At present, Sichuan province has different levels of control measures for visitors from cities and regions affected by the epidemic in China. Please pay close attention to the epidemic situation, learn about the requirements of epidemic prevention policies at the departure, transit and destination in advance, and report to your community.For the investigation and management policy of Sichuan Province, you can follow the official wechat account of Sichuan Provincial Health Commission “Sichuan Official Micro account” to find the newly released “Sichuan Disease control and Health Tips”, and check the real-time updated control measures for people coming to Sichuan from key areas.For the relevant requirements of Chengdu, you can follow the official wechat account of Chengdu Social Governance Committee “Chengdu Social Governance” and click the classified management measures of key communities to query the detailed classified prevention and control measures.If you have any further questions, you can call the mayor’s hotline at 12345.How should I report if I come to Chengdu from other places recently?A chengdu WeiJianWei: if your health code into red, yellow code, or from high-risk areas, entry, and involved in the cases of plague city announced trajectory intersection or notified the centers for disease control and prevention, or the community (including telephone, SMS, etc.), please promptly to the local community, hotels, reported to the unit, and cooperate with the various epidemic prevention and control measures.Case tracking information across the country can be queried by following “Healthy Chengdu”, the official wechat account of chengdu Municipal Health Commission.You can scan the following QR code (attached) to obtain the community contact number or directly complete the community report.Please provide your name, phone number, itinerary, flight or train number as required.In order to ensure the accuracy of information, community staff may call your phone for verification, please keep communication unblocked, your personal information will be strictly confidential, please rest assured.▲ Community report can be completed through tianfu Citizen cloud APP or wechat scanning code ask citizens to take an airplane, train, must provide 48-hour nucleic acid test proof?12345: Passengers from medium-high risk areas are required to provide a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours. Passengers with yellow code and red code are not allowed to take the train.If you travel to Tianfu International Airport, you are advised to provide a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours before boarding. You are advised to check with your airline and destination in advance.If you travel to Shuangliu Airport, you need to check the Tianfu health code and green code, scan the site code, wear a mask, and check your temperature. Please check with your airline and destination before you travel.Ask yourself if you need to take a nucleic acid test if you have not been to a medium-high risk area but have received the message.Answer 12345: establish contact with local communities to report, listen to the guidance of community workers.• Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government sent a letter of condolence to the province’s veteran comrades and cadres
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