Taiwan has reported 53 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, including 16 local cases

2022-08-04 0 By

Taiwan’s “Epidemic Control Center” announced today (2 February) 53 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 16 local cases and 37 overseas arrivals (25 positive after flight landing).There were no new deaths among confirmed cases.The command center said six new local cases were male and 10 female, ranging in age from under 10 to their 80s.Of the 16 cases, eight were reported in Kaohsiung, seven in Taoyuan and one in Taipei.Zhuang Renxiang, spokesman of the “Command Center” further explained that there were 7 cases related to a logistics company in Taoyuan, among which 6 cases were employees and 1 case was family members of employees. One of the two logistics company members tested 590 people in total, among which 6 were positive and the other 584 were negative. There was another family member who lived with the company.Today’s 19, 030 cases were of 18, 975 children confirmed yesterday.In addition, according to the sequencing results of yesterday, the cluster of logistics companies is a variant strain of Omicron, and the sequence is consistent with the peach machine cluster case, the possible source of infection of logistics companies is still being traced.Among the 8 cases in Kaohsiung, there was an additional 1 case related to jiaoxi Kindergarten in Yilan and 6 cases related to Kaohsiung Port. Among them, 5 cases were infected because of contact with the case in the clinic on January 19, and the other 1 case was the service object of residence attendant 18904.The origin of the infection remains to be determined. The father and mother of the middle school students who traveled to Kaohsiung from New Taipei were diagnosed yesterday and today. The origin of the infection is still unknown, and the cluster case will be sequenced for further understanding.According to the “Command Center”, 21 new cases of overseas immigration were male, 15 were female, and 1 case was among those aged from their teens to their 80s. Among them, the most new cases were still from the United States, with 6 cases between January 18 and February 1, 2022.According to “Command Center” statistics, 18,903 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Taiwan so far, including 3,752 cases of overseas migration, 15,097 cases of local cases, 36 cases of “Dunmu Fleet”, 3 cases of aircraft infection, 1 unknown case and 14 cases under investigation.A total of 851 deaths have been reported since 2020, of which 838 were from mainland China and 13 from overseas.(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan # If you want to know more about Taiwan, follow the Strait Herald