“I robbed to get in jail and get sick…”

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“I robbed to get in jail and get sick…”Mingshui Inspector Jiang Yunfen Shen Jie Gao Jiamin Fangyuan “I robbed, you call the police!”He took a cigarette offered by the convenience store owner, stepped back timidly, then took the knife out of his pocket and waved it casually as a “threat.”Across the interrogation table, the man did not “regret” : “I went to robbery, is to come into prison, treatment……””I wanted to go to jail so I could escape the crowds.” On the evening of New Year’s Eve of 2021, the man set out his plan to go to prison.Armed with a fruit knife, he found a small convenience store that was rarely visited, looked around and began robbing.The boss thought he was joking, looked up at him and went about his business, ignoring him.So he simply took the cigarette to the door, the boss shouted: “come back to pay”, he “obedient” to walk back to the store, once again to the boss said: “I rob, you quickly report to the police!”The boss still did not take the man’s behavior to heart, readily took away the cigarette in his hand and put it back on the shelf.The man appeared to be some “anxious”, so in front of the store to report to the police, surrender.The man, Identified as Wang Xin, said he suffered from severe social fear.”I always have wild thoughts and I can’t stop thinking. My thoughts are very mixed and my mind is very confused. I also hate people around me and feel very noisy…”Wang Xin once worked as an apprentice in a barbershop, where he was able to learn skills and provide food and shelter.But because of his illness, he could not concentrate on his study and could not earn money, which made him more depressed and wanted to escape. “I want to go to prison, so that I can escape from everything outside and people for a while.”After Wang was arrested, the judicial authorities asked professional appraisal agencies to conduct a mental examination of him.The results were consistent with wang’s own self-examination in early 2019. He suffers from “mixed anxiety disorder”, in which he often has wild thoughts and feels irritable.In March 2021, the public security organ requested the Procuratorate of Songjiang District of Shanghai to approve wang xin’s arrest.Left the “dream” cell, still very confused prison can cure “social terror”?This is the first question after the prosecutor to understand the case, but also a legal and reasonable interwoven problem in the handling of the case.Will locking Wang Xin up behind bars really help a young man struggling with mental illness?This decision will affect the life of this young man who has just turned 19.With only seven days to review arrest cases, prosecutors are working tirelessly to find answers to their suspicions.She first consulted the expert for Wang xin’s mental appraisal to understand the scientific nature of this “treatment mode” from the medical level.Experts say Wang is unlikely to take extreme actions to harm others or himself in his current condition.For such patients, social care, family care and targeted scientific treatment is more conducive to the improvement of the disease.But Wang xin insisted on being detained.Prosecutors and mental health experts say that if Wang were arrested and detained, he would not be able to receive effective treatment, and his illness would be aggravated by the mix of people in custody and “cross-infection,” which could make him a destabilizing factor in society.With expert approval, prosecutors were more certain that Wang xin would not approve the arrest, but they needed the support of his father, Wang Cheng, to avoid the self-harm or wounding they feared.Wang Cheng said his son has been resistant to contact with people since he fell ill, and so has his family.Now the child accident, I will strengthen his custody.If the procuratorial organ decides not to approve wang xin’s arrest, he will surely devote his energy to taking care of his son and fulfilling his duties as a good father.The victim was also willing to issue a letter of understanding for Wang xin, hoping that the procuratorial organ would not pursue wang Xin’s criminal responsibility, “He is just a child, he must have something to do.I didn’t lose anything and didn’t even think about calling the police.”For such a complicated case, the procurator in charge invited the people’s supervisors to participate in the public hearing and examination in accordance with legal procedures to listen to their opinions.At the hearing, the undertaking procurator told the people’s supervisor about his dilemma of catching and not catching.The people’s supervisors agreed that it was necessary for wang Xin to receive help from the society and family in view of his current mental condition, and detention pending trial would only aggravate his illness. Therefore, they agreed that it was more appropriate for Wang Xin to take compulsory measures without detention, and they agreed not to approve his arrest.In March 2021, the procuratorial organ made a decision not to approve the arrest of Wang Xin after taking various considerations, and the public security organ changed wang Xin into a compulsory measure of obtaining bail pending trial.Wang Xin reluctantly leaves his “dream” cell, but he is still confused about what the future holds…During the public hearing, the prosecutor not only listened to the opinions of the people’s supervisor on the handling of the case, but also jointly studied and discussed with the people’s supervisor the whereabouts of Wang Xin after he was released on bail and awaiting trial.A people’s supervisor from the Shanghai Association of Social Workers said she could introduce Wang to the volunteer work of a hospital and ask him to help medical workers make appointments and register with their smartphones.The psychological satisfaction after helping others is also a positive incentive for Wang Xin after social interaction. In such a warm and gentle way, he gradually returns to the society and finds a new way to deal with others.Prosecutors also contacted special psychological experts to conduct psychological counseling for Wang xin many times to help him face his disease correctly and give him scientific treatment.In order to ensure the effect of wang Xin’s investigation and assistance measures, prosecutors, professional psychologists, medical staff and volunteers set up a “Wechat group for Wang Xin’s case work” to keep track of Wang xin’s work performance and mental state at any time, and dynamically adjust the measures for Wang Xin’s assistance and education according to the situation.According to the feedback from the group, Wang performed well in his volunteer work at the hospital and was praised by the hospital and medical staff for returning all the money he received.Although there are still some people dare not speak, talk with people dare not look at each other, but psychological experts believe that the course of treatment of mental illness can be long or short, should be given enough patience.In June 2021, the case was transferred to review and prosecution, and the handling prosecutor interrogated Wang xin again.In this interrogation, Wang Xin and the previous performance of a different person.Prosecutors from the motive, means, the harmful consequences of crime of wang xin, a comprehensive evaluation concluded that the subjective vicious little wang xin, smaller social harmfulness of crime, and have surrendered, pleaded guilty to forfeit and lighter legal and discretionary circumstances, such as understanding the victim also for criminal liability is limited capacity can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment in accordance with the law, conform to no conditions,Wang Xin plans to make a decision not to prosecute.After conducting public hearings again, the handling procurators listened to the opinions of people’s supervisors and investigation organs to ensure that the decision not to prosecute felony cases conforms to the social cognition of ordinary people and is widely recognized by the society.In the end, the people’s supervisor, the reconnaissance organ, the victim and other parties agreed to make a decision not to prosecute Wang Xin.This non-prosecution decision should not only inform Wang Xin, but also serve to the victim.The victim has repeatedly expressed support for this decision.The dust finally settled on the “absurd” robbery.And Wang xin also deeply regrets his previous behavior.He confessed as before, but this time, he did not want to go to the detention center to “cure”. “Life is beautiful, freedom is precious, I hope you can give me a chance to turn over a new one.”