Attention to the “two sessions” second session of the sixth municipal people’s Congress successfully closed

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On the afternoon of January 26, the second session of the sixth Guigang People’s Congress successfully completed the agenda and closed in the great Hall of the city Convention Center.Executive chairman of the presidium, executive Chairman He Luchun, Yan Jiuqiu, Hu Jingbo, Huang Yungui, Lin Wu, Luo Guanrong, Liu Xinling, Li Yeyi, Huang Guilin in the front of the rostrum seat.Also seated at the podium were city leaders Zhu Huidong, Xiao Minggui, Zeng Yong, Huang Jinfeng, Pan Hansheng, Jiang Jianwei, Wei Qingqiang, Su Yingquan, Nong Zhuosong, Zhou Shizhi, Zhou Chunyong, Zhang Jinglian, Zeng Haiyan, Tan Ruxin, Liu Dongqing, Zhou Guiying, Huang Xingrong, Huang Hanyang, Wei Fenping, and old comrades.423 deputies should have been present at the second session of the Sixth Municipal People’s Congress, and 390 were actually present, meeting the quorum.The meeting was presided over by Yan Jiuqiu, executive chairman and executive chairman of the Presidium.He Luchun presented the election certificate to zhu Huidong, the newly elected mayor of the Municipal People’s Government.In accordance with the decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on implementing the system of taking an oath to the Constitution and the regulations of the autonomous region on implementing the system, the congress held a ceremony of taking an oath to the Constitution.The audience sang the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China.In the center of the rear curtain of the podium, the national emblem hangs high and shines brightly.Zhu Huidong, the newly elected mayor of the municipal people’s Government, solemnly swore to the Constitution.Zhu Huidong, the newly elected mayor of the municipal people’s Government, made a speech.He thanked everyone for their trust and elected me mayor of Guigang City.Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the Presidium, to all the deputies and, through you, to the people of the city.Working in Your port for 19 days, I deeply felt the pattern and responsibility of Secretary Lu Chun, felt the unity and cooperation of the four groups, felt the struggle and passion of the majority of party members and cadres, and felt the tolerance and expectation of the people of your port.Under the leadership of party Committee and Secretary Lu Chun, today’s Guigang has stood at a new historical starting point, full of vitality and vitality, full of hopes and dreams.At this time, I feel a great responsibility and a glorious mission to take over the mayor’s baton and serve the 5.6 million people of Your city.Under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee with Secretary Lu Chun as the monitor, I will unite and lead the team of the government, keep in mind the instructions of the leader, bear the historical mission bravely, make clear the banner of politics, take the responsibility of practical work to grasp the development, practice the original aspiration to benefit the people, keep the bottom line of integrity, write the answer sheet with practical work, and return the trust with practical achievements.Zhu Huidong said that The Times endowed us with important tasks and made great achievements through hard work.I firmly believe that with the correct leadership of the Party Committee, the government and the Municipal Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the supervision and support of the Municipal People’s Congress and the Municipal CPPCC, and the joint efforts of the cadres and the masses of the city, your port will have a better tomorrow!He Luchun delivered a speech after the conference completed its agenda.He said that through the joint efforts of all the deputies and comrades attending the conference, the second session of the sixth Guigang People’s Congress has successfully completed all the agenda and will soon come to a successful conclusion.During the session, deputies kept in mind their sacred mission, performed their duties in accordance with the law with a high sense of political responsibility, and discussed plans for development. This fully demonstrated the new responsibilities, actions, and style of deputies to the PEOPLE’s Congresses in the new era.The conference deliberated and adopted various work reports and voted and adopted various resolutions, thus successfully accomplishing various tasks of the Conference.The conference was very pragmatic, highly efficient and successful. It was a conference of holding high the banner, forging ahead with unity and gathering strength with a clean atmosphere.Relevant departments have done a great deal of solid and effective work in security, transportation, publicity, logistics and epidemic prevention and control.The conference staff, journalists, medical workers, police officers, firefighters and drivers have provided a strong guarantee for the smooth opening of the conference. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect for their hard work.He pointed out that 2022, the year of the 20th CPC National Congress, is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 12th PARTY Congress of the Autonomous Region and the sixth party Congress of the city.The 12th Party Congress of The Autonomous Region proposed to support guigang to build a pilot zone for the integration of Hong Kong, industry and city, which is a new positioning and new task entrusted to us by the Party Committee of the autonomous Region in the new era.Municipal committee of the sixth session of the third plenary session and economic work conference and the “two sessions” on this year’s work carried out a comprehensive and specific deployment, put forward specific requirements.To achieve these goals and tasks, we need the concerted efforts and continuous struggle of the whole city. We also need people’s congresses at all levels and their deputies to focus on the central task and serve the overall situation, give full play to their role as a bridge, listen to the voices of the people, do practical things for them, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of the city.Municipal people’s congress at all levels, people’s congress to represent the historical mission to explorations and implement the conference spirit, complete and accurate to fully implement the new concept of development, services and integrated into the new development pattern, and actively support and actively participate in the strategy of “big five” “five revitalization” vivid practice, yong yi, in the banner in the construction of the rule of law as actively, in exercising supervision and promote the development of,In fulfilling our duty to the people, we will stick to our original aspiration, pool our strength in exercising strict Party governance, and contribute to the acceleration of the realization of the goal of “two cities”.He Luchun stressed that castle peak does not relax, regardless of the brave forward.Let us unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, coagulation hearts meet force, yong yi, vigorously implement the strategy of “big five”, further promote the “big five revitalization”, in order to speed up to build the pearl river, west river economic belt core port city and the city of strategic emerging industries, to compose the construction of a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to strive for a glorious guangxi your port,With outstanding achievements to welcome the 20th victory of the Party convened!The conference ended with the grand national anthem.