One “love” is worth wan Jinwen/Yuan Weilong

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A “love” word worth ten thousand jin Yuan Weilong days ling Ling ling,Linlin love word about earth since ancient times has a heart of love from may to now, the spring breeze day AiXia love waves mountain cloud sea month love autumn fog ab love pool stars shine love Yin love snow mountain frost cold fish love water birds love azaleas Lin Kim spring to early love of deep autumn prescribed by ritual law of water clean the grass green color rainbow of cattle, sheep and love love the term are businessmen favorite snow is the most favorite to love many profitable farmersMr Raw gold workers new students of science and technology is the most favorite hobby ever-victorious generals love riot police enlightened emperor loyal minister literati love find ZhiYinZhe hao packaging rough outside file a love home temple monks to chant buddhist scripture swept the masses of love good leader official love of common people’s sense of honor love do good highly respected father and mother love civilization filial sons and daughters of charity parents love children noble doctor patient teachers love students moral courage friends love youSon merry men and women love man Li Baiai wine everyday tang clear huang dai jade love jiangshan beauty people love treasure jade vomiting blood death butterfly lovers love broken soul everything has some false love rat never really love cats sheep for a Wolf love deep chicken not the eagle loved his corrupt officials love money not wicked boss love money not love life migrant workers not boss black heart fame fortune value how much if a “love” word to describe a personYuan Weilong, representative work “drop set”, enjoy The State Council special allowance experts.Shihe district of xinyang County, dongshuanghe town.Former deputy director of Xinyang TV station, senior editor, member of China TELEVISION Artists Association, member of Henan Writers Association, senior media personage.CAI Yong (Lao Tan Acid CAI)