Guyuan Fire rescue detachment carried out cross-checking of law enforcement files in the first quarter of the city

2022-08-03 0 By

In order to further improve the standardization level of the city’s law enforcement, resolutely curb the occurrence of “micro-corruption” in fire enforcement, and effectively promote the in-depth development of optimizing the business environment.April 7, Guyuan city fire rescue detachment organized the brigade full-time legal officers of the city’s first quarter of the fire law enforcement files cross-check.The evaluation was carried out in two stages. In the first stage, full-time legal staff of each brigade focused on mutual examination of files.In the second stage, the relevant business departments of the detachment will review the results of mutual inspection of each brigade.During the evaluation, the mutual inspectors evaluated each case file from the aspects of subject, evidence, application of law, punishment result and so on.After the mutual inspection, The Guyuan Fire rescue Detachment organized the mutual inspection personnel to hold a summary feedback meeting, and “hung out” the problems found in their evaluation, which effectively made the fire enforcement work play the role of “red face” and “sweat”, and effectively contained some non-standard fire enforcement problems in the bud. At the same time,The mutual examination of the case files also drew a “red line” for the city’s fire supervision and law enforcement work, creating a good political environment for the continuous promotion and optimization of the fire law enforcement business environment.The next step, Guyuan City fire rescue detachment will unswervingly grasp the construction of standardization of law enforcement, improve the awareness of law enforcement service, effectively put the concept of “dedication to the people” throughout the whole process of fire supervision and law enforcement, with efficient and convenient service to improve the satisfaction of the masses.Guyuan city fire rescue detachment reminds you that if you encounter fire safety hazards in your life, please call “12345” hotline to report