Dog Licks dirty?It’s not. It’s for a reason!

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It is believed that people who have owned dogs have been licked by their dogs. When dogs lick you, do they feel dirty and want to avoid it?There’s a reason your dog licks you. How many of these reasons do you know?1. Dogs are different from us. They have their own way of expressing what they like.They can’t express it in words, they can only tell the shoveler through body language, and licking people is the most direct expression.For example, after a period of separation from the master, when the master comes out in front of the dog, the dog will be very excited, want to kiss the master, has been rubbing the master.2, Leave its own scent Dogs are particularly sensitive to smell, hence the name of the dog nose.And when it comes to licking the pooper, dogs leave their own flavor behind.It’s also a possessive way of saying that I’ve made my mark, and now you’re my own shit collector.3, in daily life, the dog will always make mistakes and make the shovel excrement officer angry, this time hook licking people is actually a kind of behavior.Will you forgive me for once and don’t be mad at me?You don’t love me?When dogs are ignored, they will be very aggrieved, thinking that the dog does not love them.At this time they will try to lick the excrement officer to get the attention of the excrement officer, hoping that the excrement officer pay more attention to themselves.Spoiled dogs lick people, is also a way to please, usually this time they will ask for you, nothing more than want snacks.This time shovel excrement officer can give some snacks appropriately, but remember to pay attention to food intake.Chicken jerky is a healthy and nutritious dish made from fresh, natural chicken breast. It can be used as a daily snack or as a training reward.6, think of you as the most close person in the dog world, they will only lick their most close dog, and the dog lick shovel-poop officer, that means it has shovel-poop officer as their most close person.In fact, dogs licking people is not dirty, because they like you will make this intimate behavior, only shovel excrement officer can enjoy this treatment, others can not.So when the dog licks you, remember not to avoid the first time, otherwise they will be sad, think you don’t like it.The dog’s love for us is always expressed, and we shovel excrement officer’s love is not willing to lag behind.The dog’s love is expressed in action, and the dog’s love is expressed in life. Take care of the dog every day, and hope the dog is healthy and happy every day.If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, of course, you can’t do without a healthy diet, a good quality dog food.Only when the dog’s diet is healthy, can we ensure that the dog has a good life and a more nourishing life.Recommend “greedy not greasy dog food” natural diet nutrition, higher nutritional value, scientific standard dog diet, low oil low salt healthy diet concept, pay attention to dog diet health, product raw materials open quality inspection, suppliers can be traced, the source assured assured.Conclusion: Does your dog lick people often?