Xuzhou Maternal and child Health hospital: “attentively test with love dedication” tester

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The Medical Laboratory of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital is a municipal key clinical specialty, a provincial pre-job training unit for clinical gene amplification testing, and a clinical laboratory integrating science, education and research.The existing staff of 35, including 8 master students, the rest are undergraduate students;There were 12 CPC members, one probationary member and two active party members.In recent years, the hospital has been awarded as the advanced department of quality service, the annual Advanced Group, the Excellent Department of comprehensive objective management of department director, and the collective of clinical satisfaction and zero complaints, etc., and won the title of “Advanced Group” in the practice activity of “Two Guardians” of Jiangsu Provincial Health system in 2021.1. Clinical Laboratory is an important window of the hospital and an important platform to display the hospital culture and department services.We treat every patient sincerely and warmly, and do a good job of “care and love” service, to ensure that patients feel “at ease and comfortable”.On the basis of “zero errors in inspection and zero complaints from patients”, we pay attention to details of service, give full respect to patients, patiently answer questions for them, and optimize the process of service in the way of empathy.2. On the basis of ensuring the accuracy of test results, all the staff of the department constantly shorten the reporting time and greatly save the waiting time of patients.Behind the continuous improvement of the inspection results query speed, is the 24-hour continuous rotation of the general staff, continuous compression of rest time “spell” out.The department implements a variety of convenient services, such as 24-hour emergency green channel and self-help printing and retrieving reports, to continuously enhance the sense of gain and comfort of patients in our hospital, and truly implement the “patient-centered, quality-centered” medical service.3. In order to better serve the patients and the clinic, so as to understand the needs, opinions and suggestions of the clinic and patients in the first time, the inspectors not only do the satisfaction survey for the patients, but also conduct clinical communication and satisfaction survey for the clinical medical staff in each ward.4. In order to further improve professional skills and medical quality and service, the department shall hold at least one quality control group meeting, business study for all staff, self-examination of the department group and regular three-basic assessment every month.Typical Stories of EPIDEMIC Prevention and Control The courage to take responsibility and dedication have always been the characteristics of our “test people”.During the period of COVID-19 prevention and control, according to the unified arrangement of the provincial and municipal government, the department sent a total of 5 people to the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 to participate in the support work. Among them, 4 people went to Nanjing and Yangzhou to participate in nucleic acid testing for more than 40 days, and another person participated in the transfer support of the Kunshan special train.Among them, one party member, one probationary member and two others applied to join the party while supporting Yangzhou.Each time when supporting the work, they will wear protective clothing and goggles in the laboratory, and work continuously for 6 hours without eating or drinking all protective equipment. They have a clear division of labor and each plays its own role. In order to save time and improve efficiency, comrades keep running in and actively cooperate with each other.Once in just 5 hours to complete the extraction, add sample 14850 tube, 8000 people on the machine test speed, broke the previous record.They worked day and night to complete their tasks, exhausted, tired and hungry, but with the satisfaction of contributing to the epidemic on their faces.They at the critical moment “go against the tide”, can “stand”, “top”, contributed to the women and children pioneer “strength”, highlight the female spirit, a high quality to complete the support tasks, they once again with practical action interpretation of the “test people” responsibility and bear.During the epidemic, under the leadership of the director of the department, the general staff worked overtime to carry out 24-hour COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, increasing the frequency of testing and shortening the waiting time for patients to report.Ensuring the quality and safety of care and meeting clinical and patient needs.At the same time, we completed the tasks assigned by the hospital and the inspection work of fever clinic with high quality, and contributed the biggest strength of our department to epidemic prevention and control.During the epidemic, the stock of blood products in the central blood bank was tight, and the general practitioners actively participated in blood donation, donating nearly 4000 ml of blood with practical actions, and writing a chapter of love.Clinical Laboratory is a united, harmonious, advancing with The Times department, but also a team that can bear hardships, dedication, courage to climb in the medical front, full of vitality.All staff with full work enthusiasm, rigorous style of work, quality medical services, won the patients and their families praise.We will, as always, give full play to the characteristics of “testers” who dare to take responsibility and are willing to contribute, adhere to the invisible “battlefield” with rigorous working attitude, race against time to provide patients and clinical with fast and accurate test results.General practitioners continue to escort the physical and mental health and life safety of women and children with more noble medical ethics, more exquisite technology and better service.To care for women and children and protect health, we will stay true to our founding mission and continue to forge ahead.