Good thing recommendation 3: Imperfect Instagram transparent stand, returned huawei notebook, etc

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January 31, 2022, New Year’s Eve, leaving imperfections to the past, the pursuit of high quality in the future.Technology’s recommendations today aren’t perfect, but they have their advantages.Yoona Home is a transparent acrylic stand with adjustable height, which can hold not only ipads but also books. It is also easy to assemble for some girls who don’t want to use their hands.Yeah!It’s hard not to love the Yoona Home upgrade. Of course, it doesn’t come with the iPad or the background light.Although the transparent bracket is very easy to use, stable support, high appearance level, but the Angle adjustment is a little uncomfortable, it is recommended to adjust the level as far as possible do not move, need to be known.I bought a Huawei laptop MateBook14 in a physical store before, but the experience was not good, so I returned it. But because I liked its appearance, I decided to try to buy it online, and I bought it again after seeing that the price of Double Twelve was suitable.Lying on the bay mat office, the sun through the window to spill in, good warm.Level of appearance: Fair enough, but easy to get fingerprints, always use alcohol-free wipes.Keyboard: can be comparable to apple, comfortable, keyboard film is bought on some, super cheap.Speed: turn on in seconds, running speed is very fast, general office, watching drama completely card.Ran a run with the software, reaching 787,113 points.Screen: high ratio, not frosted screen, very clear, with eye protection mode, does not hurt eyes.Power consumption: the first TV series actually takes 4 and a half hours to watch, and the second TV series purchased online takes nearly 6 hours to watch (in terms of power consumption, I feel lucky, I see some friends online share that it is 4 and a half hours)At first, I was confused, I wanted to buy MateBook13 in cherry pink gold. I thought it was small and cute, but after comparison, I still chose Mate Book14. This gray color is a little purple, which is very beautiful in the sun, and this color is more atmospheric, and will not be out of use after a long time.The 14-inch laptop is just the right size to use and light to carry.The catch: The mouse that came with it was silver (nice though), but I prefer gray to match.After all, it is called Huawei, and it is also the main reason for choosing it.The controversial rear lens design of the OnePlus 10 Pro is really discouraging many people. Of course, the one who likes it feels personalized, increases its recognition, makes it more durable when used for a long time, and the protrusion is not too exaggerated.Hand this mobile phone is actually used, feel slippery soft, the whole machine is not in, one hand hold also said ok.The screen is not bad at all. The 2K LTPO screen is sharp and smooth.It feels better than P50 Pro in transparency, clarity and color.Play the game for an hour, the heat control is pretty good, snapdragon 8Gen 1 is an improvement here.A wide range of structural heat dissipation is useful.During the game, the touch is very sensitive and smooth.Sure enough, this year’s flagship phones have become very good, from the onePlus 10 Pro, the last short range also made up for!5000mah battery with 80W charge, this is a fantastic battery life experience, playing King of Glory only uses 10% of power for 1 hour, which is a bit surprising, but we’ll have to test it later.The OnePlus 10 Pro looks 90 points, how much do you think is appropriate.