Girlfriend pregnant 4 months was driven out of the house, but humble inn, boyfriend: private life too disorderly!

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Girlfriend pregnant for 4 months was kicked out of the house, but cramped in a small hotel, boyfriend: his private life is too disorderly girlfriend pregnant for 4 months, but he does not want to be responsible: to do paternity test!Girlfriend: Just do it!For a pair of lovers in love, once the man found the girl to do sorry after his things, I believe that the boy will naturally turn ruthless, even if the girl belly pregnant boy’s flesh and blood, I believe that at this time the boy mind will be confused, the child in the stomach after all who is his biological father?In fact, this is due to distrust between men and women, and if in real life, we met a pregnant woman who was kicked out of the house by her boyfriend, how would you feel?Pregnant women themselves Fried egg, was her boyfriend out of the door the handsomest, looks beautiful woman called xiao-hong han, she is now have four months pregnant, she may be thin and did not show a pregnancy due and shape, more can spirit she was driven out from home, her boyfriend now homeless, only alone in the outside rent.The hotel owner said that night, Han Xiaohong came to the hotel, Han Xiaohong said to her, her boyfriend did not let her stay at home, but it has been four days, the pregnant woman has always been a person in the hotel, and did not see her boyfriend to pick her up home, also never showed up.Because she did not bring too much money, usually eat with the owner’s wife, so, what on earth happened to a pregnant woman alone outside, and living in a humble hotel environment?We follow the proprietress came to the hotel to the second floor, facing our enquiry, xiao-hong han is a little afraid of, under the comfort of the wife of shop-owner, the reason why she just about things slowly, because her boyfriend mother Fried an egg, but don’t give yourself to eat the eggs, and a pregnant women need nutrition, he may cook Fried eggs, but was forced out,A pregnant woman ends up in a $20-a-night motel because of an egg?Xiao-hong han said, her boyfriend is not only because of an egg had spats with yourself, sometimes deliberately bewilders themselves, even don’t allow yourself to eat sleep, which as a pregnant woman it hard to live at home, in the case of the last straw, xiao-hong han to leave alone, drifting in the outside, let a person feel surprise, xiao-hong han’s boyfriend hua-qiang liu is famous university graduate,As a doctor, it is hard to imagine that Liu huaqiang would treat Han xiaohong this way, no matter from the level of education or career.Han Xiaohong lives in a hotel, only one or two hundred meters away from her boyfriend’s home, why in such a close distance?And not come looking for it?Han Xiaohong described the image of her boyfriend, it is difficult to accept, under the leadership of Han Xiaohong, we rushed to liu Huaqiang’s rental house, no matter how Han Xiaohong knocked on the door, there was no response from anyone inside.The door of the house that Liu Huaqiang rents is as before tight lock, han Xiaohong’s key also was confiscated, liu Huaqiang’s telephone also has no answer all the time, why male friend Liu Huaqiang can confiscate han Xiaohong’s key, why can the relation of she and male friend make so stiff?Male friend: her private life is too disorderly, oneself run out, return post attack me!Girlfriend: I can only sleep on the couch!After waiting for a moment, Liu Huaqiang finally came back, after knowing our purpose, Liu Huaqiang told us that Han Xiaohong is his own initiative to run away from home, that night, he also called to invite Han Xiaohong back, but Han Xiaohong not only refused his request, but in the second day ran home in a row.He even turned to the police to coordinate for safety reasons.Liu huaqiang did not expect that the relationship between the two did not ease, and Han Xiaohong even posted an online attack on him. What makes us puzzled is that the present well-spoken man is not like han Xiaohong said.Liu huaqiang said that after Han Xiaohong left home, he posted on the Internet to expose the incident, and exaggerated it, and even posted it on the local Internet forum, which caused a lot of controversy in the local area. So what kind of contradiction between the two people would make Han Xiaohong expose her boyfriend on the Internet?When we show to hua-qiang liu after the incident, hua-qiang liu learned that xiao-hong han because an egg was out, he smiled and feel incredible, hua-qiang liu said that his girlfriend private life too messy, often an excuse to go out during pregnancy, contact what person, he is unknown, the hard to avoid lets people doubting his whereabouts, he felt that his girlfriend in deceiving yourself,And asked her to give him the keys.He thinks that xiao-hong han this weird behavior must have skeleton in my closet, or out to cheat with others, in the face of her boyfriend, xiao-hong han telling us that the relationship between the two people actually already burst, hua-qiang liu at home everywhere eludes itself, not only in the home only two beds, each one boyfriend and his mother, as a pregnant woman is only a man sleeping on the couch,This is male friend intentionally make difficulties for oneself clearly, male friend is opposite of oneself outside the thing that steal fishy also is just random guess, so Liu Huaqiang treats his pregnant cummer really like this?In the face of their respective opinions, we wonder what is the relationship between them?At this moment, hua-qiang liu’s mother came home to hua-qiang liu’s mother said, in the past more than 20 days, with xiao-hong han hua-qiang liu has been in the cold war, two people not only sleeping separately, even words all don’t want to say more, just as hua-qiang liu mother wanted to continue to go ahead, hua-qiang liu from behind to cover your mother’s mouth with the hand, interrupted her mother’s words,So what is Liu Huaqiang hiding?Why is there no love lost between these young lovers?Xiao-hong han said, have not thought about for a start with the hua-qiang liu, then hua-qiang liu has no job, no savings, still younger than his age five years old, so xiao-hong han also refused to hua-qiang liu love many times, was rejected after hua-qiang liu more enthusiasm thoughtful, help to take care of their mother, were ready to do any dirty work, is for the sake ofHan Xiaohong slowly accepted Liu Huaqiang.The end of the internship hua-qiang liu became a doctor, before long, xiao-hong han have children, but with the arrival of the children, two people’s feelings slowly cold, with xiao-hong han’s belly is more and more big, just entering society hua-qiang liu is more and more busy, often work overtime to very late also didn’t come home, not to mention with xiao-hong han, even meet is very little time.Hot love period past, runin period both sides of shortcomings are revealed, Liu Huaqiang to Han Xiaohong did not have the enthusiasm of that time in the hospital.Instead, it is ignored, with the passage of time, the relationship is very stiff, Han Xiaohong feel that her boyfriend’s attitude is not responsible for, do not even want to stomach children.For xiao-hong han, hua-qiang liu said that is not true, in his own work pressure is very big, my father died in his childhood, mother is a mental patients, so the burden of pressure on myself is very heavy, hard one day to go home, not to worry about your girlfriend mood, said in an effort to save the mother, the home has owed a lot of debt,Circumstances at home are not suitable for raising a child, and the birth of a child will undoubtedly add a greater burden to the family.Boyfriend’s family: Do a paternity test!Girlfriend: Just do it!Five years senior to the liu family that xiao-hong han, rich social experience, and hua-qiang liu is a student, thought simple, don’t know much about the past experience and for his girlfriend, relatives worry hua-qiang liu to handle the elder sister romance, after careful consideration, hua-qiang liu and xiao-hong han also when break up to break up the sanya trip, however, is thatShortly after breaking up unexpectedly pregnant, as a result of the child issue produced differences, two people in get along with two months, contradiction will break out completely.Liu Huaqiang thinks, Han Xiaohong individual character is strong, cannot think for oneself, and Han Xiaohong feels Liu Huaqiang has been that considerate male friend no longer, mutual suspicion, bring about Han Xiaohong to run away from home so, Han Xiaohong is pregnant 4 months live hotel, how does Liu Huaqiang prepare to do again?The lius have argued that the xiao-hong han is pregnant after break up, they want to paternity test of fetus, if the appraisal result is hua-qiang liu my relative, so they are willing to responsible for raising, xiao-hong han for the liu questions seem to be very angry, he thinks this is an insult to her personality, for the sake of hua-qiang liu, oneself not only abandoned the clothing business in guangdong,He ran from his hometown to the city where Liu huaqiang worked. At the age of 34, he was pregnant and was questioned.Liu huaqiang said it was impossible to recover the relationship between him and Han xiaohong. He said he would not take any responsibility unless he had a paternity test with the unborn fetus.Police, since two people after break up still have contact, so before the paternity test results came out, hua-qiang liu still has the responsibility to take care of pregnant xiao-hong han, civilian police advice, both sides in the voluntary principle of paternity, wait until after the results come out, again negotiations aimed at raising problems, but hua-qiang liu think, may have no peace talks between two people,He just wants the results of the test.After several considerations, Han Xiaohong finally agreed to paternity test in pregnancy requirements, she also hopes to give yourself a chance to prove innocence, then Han Xiaohong and Liu Huaqiang arrived at the same time the identification center, then Han Xiaohong pregnant paternity test, whether there is a risk?Finally xiao-hong han consulting a doctor, the doctor said pregnancy within the paternity test, need to extract the amniotic fluid in the body, so the need for an amnio, and amniotic fluid puncture exists a certain risk, also should according to the inspection status of the pregnant women to determine, from the doctor after consulting, xiao-hong han attitude of hesitation, she wants her children born smoothly,And she does not want to have any accident because of paternity test, she hopes to negotiate with Liu Huaqiang before paternity test, both sides can bear the risk together.And hua-qiang liu’s attitude is very tough, they are not able to bear the risk of paternity, the consequences can only by xiao-hong han is responsible for yourself, and this attitude makes xiao-hong han feel very grievance, she never thought of, used to spend a sweet boyfriend will be starker, behind will not only responsibility, also pushing themselves to the forefront.In the end, Liu rejected the possibility of any negotiation, saying that the court would decide after the paternity test results came out. Knowing Liu’s attitude, Han also did not agree to take a paternity test during her pregnancy.At the end of the word at the moment there was no any affection between two people at all, there is only suspicion and anger between each other, perhaps Liu Huaqiang can not think of, this paragraph of feeling can have a lot of entwine, and Han Xiaohong also had not found the sweet feeling at the beginning.A pair of once made a promise of love, how can go to such a situation with water and fire?After his wife was pregnant for four months, the boyfriend didn’t want to take any responsibility. But given the circumstances of the incident, it is highly likely that the baby is his child.If, as my boyfriend says, a woman’s private life is too messy, why did he let his pregnant wife live at home for so long?Accordingly, small make up the final conclusion is the boyfriend as the work is stable, for the older his five – year – old girlfriend, nature is increasingly abandon, after all myself but graduated from famous university, but also an unlimited future doctor ah, my girlfriend is nothing at all, so its free nature will give his girlfriend a kick open, looking for a more suitable partner,What do you think about that?