A river of thick green plantain rain, bead curtain person does not sleep, the month hazy flower shadow on the window

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian Sinology art I from free and untrammable ren swaying, floating clouds transit without anything to knock poetry.As soon as I enter the world of mortals, I do not know who is at ease and who is crazy.Floating a dream disappear, nothing to sit and listen to the tide, free and unfettered road a few.Song shengshi, sigh fleeting, free and unfettered world of mortals do not envy fairy.I am free and unfettered a cloth, the world of mortals see through is Ye Non, floating clouds transit idle people with the month.A few spring, comfortable music poor, idle people don’t have no friends, transit thousands of benevolence.Sleepless night, insect sound intermittent to the window, hazy eyes wutong shadow string.The moon to the Mid-Autumn festival exceptionally bright, cloud cover mist cover the night sky meng, insect sound intermittent sleepless, a faint lamp with me.Empty Meng Yanyu thin, shuiguang billow frog drum drunk, the lights out of the dream.Late at night, the shadows shake red people do not know, affectionate month outside the window, hazy still from the camera thought.See the lamp a person at the beginning of static, listen to the rain insect not sleeping, drunk eyes hazy think of the past, the moon moving flower shadow on the window.On the west floor, the dim night like water flow, out of the window insect sound wine green when to rest.Drunken eyes laugh at people crazy, the moon fell star sink autumn bug sound intermittent, the lamp before the shadow.Sing night wind, residual lamp solitary shadow to the sky, ask the horizon month, where acacia tearful eyes.The night is thick, in discontinuous grass, hazy drunk eye view horizon, the month hangs a few stars on the branches.Horizon moon hanging sky, dance dim night, grass seam insect sound light road is difficult.Night rain xiaoxiang fog cover month without trace, autumn insects do not understand the lamp before singing wind.Book business did not rest, wine green a few spring and autumn, cool breeze long moon hazy xiaolou.Wine green beauty drunk, bird language insect sound beauty crazy, dim night Long month send acacia.The night is thick, the shadow is hazy, the autumn insect does not understand the lamp dance before the blue sky.Willow hazy, dark night, frogs drumming worm wine green music endless.Language insect, shadow dark road difficult to pass, sleepless alone on the window, tearful eyes dim far sky.When the shadow is thin at night, bug sound outside the window falls asleep late, drunken eye dim crescent hangs scanty branch.Moonlight shadow window lattice, hazy dream is not, a few insect sound lamp read the Book of Songs.Hazy misty rain lock heavy building, the moon fell star sink a few degrees of autumn, midnight insects sound lonely shadow provoking homesickness.The autumn wind, lantern shadow rain, affectionate day last month, hazy still old pavilions.Long street lights reflect neon, midnight worm sound in a dream, drunk eyes hazy think of the past, a crescent hanging parasol.The moon wu Ti drunken eyes at the river, autumn insects do not understand the lamp before singing.Tree static insect sound lonely, light human sparse star sink day about dawn, hazy sleep to see the east.Cage tree suspected no way, knock on the window sound, one night the wind blowing faint dream on bright.Night appendix, cloud light day gradually cold, rain hit banana people do not sleep, smoke cage Jiangnan ripples.Wind and cloud heaven and earth open, moonlight as the platform, a curtain of dream smoke into the painting.Night does not open, smoke cage cold shuiyue wander, drunken eye blurred place, a wisp of fragrant wind falls into a dream.Wanli smoke tao fundus, jiangtian one color rain wandering, the wind willow catkin hazy cloud to open.Autumn crisp flowers residual wind, rain hit banana anliu birds silent.Bright bright daylight, the scenery was bright bright daylight.Mountains green heavy thick, vast look, far tree dim ripples to the wind.Mountain water, the wind to send banana people do not sleep, a river lights half lake smoke.Residual cloud sky flow, hazy night moon such as hook, a curtain of dream ancient ferry smoke.Rain hit banana night does not sleep, a curtain of dreams into smoke, hazy moonlight as clear as water, the wind sent flowers to the pillow.Smoke thousands of miles, rain of thick green plantain a river, bead shade person does not sleep, month faint flower shadow on the window.Moonlight dim night not asleep, the wind blowing tree shadow dance lightly, suddenly smell outside the window planta rain, and see pool in handan smoke.Remnants of clouds to dusk, star thin moon light night sky dim, wutong leaves fall branches shake five drum bell.Borrow pear yiliu jiangnan, hazy moonlight fragrance to the pillow.With fog also cage bamboo, after the rain frost dark incense to distant visitors, on faint thin shadow reflected window screen.Cloud lock jiangbin, flowers drunk guest heart, rain hit banana cui Liu birds singing spring.The wind sent fragrance into dreamland, hazy moonlight through the screen window, building fireworks last night.The rain, cage light smoke, look dim meng water ripples.A bright moon light smoke, banana night did not sleep, the wind sent cool tree shadow dance lightly.Gradually clear, autumn sound into the ear clear, rain hit banana people do not sleep, a curtain of dreams with smoke.Jinfeng Yulu hazy osmanthus fragrance, rain hit banana cold water goose into the line.Courtyard leisurely listen to the sound of rain, stone ring ding Dong, mountain flowers brilliant magic road impassability.The sky high find xianxiang, water show good scenery, clear spring stone enjoy well-being.Look empty, do not meet, clear spring cooking wine leisurely dream peace.Spring wash heart dirt, wild crane leisurely clouds outside the day, to find the wizard of romance the water running.Riverside, clear spring reflecting blue sky, mountain lake light infinite good, why to find the fairy world.Where to find the wizard, wanli a look, stone spring alone fishing sunset red.Mountain ring water detour distant, to find the wizard on nine, a clear spring flow is not, leisurely and comfortable happy.Stone spring tide, green water leisurely wizard where to go, shanhua brilliant road far.Since leisurely, water flowing on the stone, the road is far from human traces, scouting qingfeng find fairy source.To find a few layers of road, mountain high water yuan climbing, qingquan stone upper ages, a leisurely dream to Wuling.Wanli river mountain people easy old, find fairy where not free and unfettered, clear spring wine leisurely on nine.Spring embellish lungs, leisurely walk why penglai, mountain lake light since different.To Xiaoxiang, stone spring liuyun long, lake light are painting, why to find fairy fang.Is home, a long lake, stone spring flow endless, leisurely and comfortable in the central water.Mountain lake light into painting, why to peng Pot, spring wine leisurely dream too empty.Clear water clear spring cangu since leisurely, find fairy why scenery don’t have a day.Leisurely an old man, cooking wine on heroes, shanhua brilliant find fairy to dream.Find fairy feeling, mountain high water far as free and unfettered, clear spring cooking wine leisurely dream.Reflecting the blue sky, to the world, spring stone leisurely regardless of years.Wash vulgar yan, small river bay, find fairy why peach in this mountain.Riverside, clear spring reflecting blue sky, mountain lake light infinite good, why to find the fairy world.Fairy source road has been difficult, peng Shan where is Chang ‘an, clear spring stone leisurely fishing rod.Mountain pavilion depression day fei, where really return, clear spring is leisurely and world violation.I do not know the moon wanderer, qingguang still according to the hometown, my heart vaguely.Willow on, the wind led green dance whirling, warm water fish play, wanderer return dream.Network meet a dream pull, strands of love line, clear sound yayun spread thousands of miles, wandering back on is round.Qingjie xu huai wanderer dream, thousands of wire acacia pull platform.Homesick dream is not, qing night alone sit home Qianshan month, heart line of home.Predestined relationship can line, nowhere not love to lead, a song back to the moon is full.High fly far, chardonia line long, a wisp of clear sorrow where to send, tianya youzi read home.Clear sound of a song moving cloud screen, homesick dream is not, thousands of miles in the sky home moon child Ming.Dream of flowers, tears two lines of wet pillow yarn, affection, heart with color line who.A line of spring from the willow also, the wind drizzle embellish castle peak, clear water warm homesick dream is sweet.Even a few degrees of spring, a wisp of clear sorrow wandering tears with towel.Free body, feel close, wanli sky dream around niang heart.Wanderer wang hometown, qing cold night weiyang, a wisp of love color line is my heart.The cable is yuanyang, a wisp of love to pull qing night no good dream, tianya youzi is homesick.North and south thousand autumn month, line east and west wanli boat, a song qingzi when Hugh.Qingping music playing harmony, wanderer feelings of his native land, thousands of miles of sky flying color line, nostalgic nostalgic department.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art