7 river and lake length theme parks!Is it near your home?

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This year, the city actively explores the creation of the river chief system theme park, fully displays the work objectives, measures and achievements of the river and lake chief system, popularizing the river and lake chief system and water conservancy knowledge, enhancing people’s awareness of knowing, loving, protecting and cherishing water, so that citizens can enjoy the achievements of the construction of beautiful rural ecological civilization.”We are on the original basis of the transformation and upgrading, Wanjia River Park just completed, the environment is very beautiful, we want to improve the park on the basis of adding some elements of the river chief park, to achieve the purpose of promoting the river chief system.”Huayang long river street office staff Fan Tianwei introduction, m long river river system theme park depends on the river, which are characterized by cultural, educational and interesting, through the long river system of popular science propaganda, ecological civilization development path, one water landscape sketch, such as theme, popularize long river system, water culture, governance of lakes, water conservation, such as knowledge, publicity and guide the whole people to participate in an water conservation,At present, wanjia River chief culture Park has begun to take shape.This year, the city around the water culture, promote the demonstration of xingfu river and lake.It issued the Action Plan for The Construction of Beautiful Jurong Happy River and Lake, and issued the order of the chief river chief on “Promoting the construction of Beautiful Jurong and Happy River and Lake”.The Municipal River Chief’s Office actively guides all towns to build a batch of happy river and lake demonstration sites, and plans to build 7 happy river and lake demonstration sites, including Chishan Lake, Huayang Wanjia River, Houbai Gucheng River, Lijiaba River, White Rabbit Yuejin River, Baohua Heping River and Maoguan Chenzhuang Datang.Demonstration site construction is mainly located in the mass gathering area, with the river as the line and the bank as the piece, to create a river and lake chief theme park with local characteristics and strong sense of mass gain.The city fully integrates the construction of demonstration sites with the effective treatment of small and micro water bodies.There are 6 small and micro water bodies in the 7 demonstration sites. At present, the basic work of dredging, road and square construction is basically finished. In the next step, local cultural “symbols” will be embedded to form demonstration sites with local characteristics.”Through the construction of a park on the doorstep, strengthen interaction with the public, guide social participation, enhance the people’s new fashion of water control, water conservation and love of water, the construction of ‘smooth, clean water, green shore, beautiful scenery’ happy rivers and lakes.”City water bureau river lake long system work section deputy section chief Xu Guangxi introduced.At present, seven river chief theme parks have entered the bidding process or are under construction, and are expected to be completed by the end of December this year.