7 mall mutation, 3 limited down, Ne Zha skin free access to exposure, Hou Yi cried

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Article │ Kerr game said the original Spring Festival holiday carnival has passed, in the previous shelves of a series of skin in the near future will usher in a few will be off the shelves.On the 7th of this month, the game store will have 3 skins removed from the shelves, these 3 skins are two Ru Meng Ling and one 6 yuan skin.In addition, nezha’s new skin has also been released recently. This skin is a rare and not limited epic skin. It is for this reason that many players like this skin but dare not buy it, for fear that they will buy it and put it on the fragment mall.In the near future, there is a campaign to get this skin for free.Finally, there is new news about Hou Yi’s glory Skin, but this time it is not a good news, because according to the news, the quality of this skin may be degraded, what is going on, let’s look at it together.On The Spring Festival day, there were 8 new skins in the game store, not counting the glory Skins.And these 8 skins are limited skin, five are limited tiger year, two are return skin, and one is Liu Bang’s 6 yuan skin.Apart from the five old skins, the other three have not been on the shelves for a very long time, only 7 days, and now the Spring Festival is almost a week away.This means that all three skins will soon be removed from the game store.Hou Yi chang ‘e’s Rumeng Ling although it is the first time to return, but the next time after the removal will not be easy, I do not know how long to wait.Liu Bang’s 6 yuan, not to mention, after the return is not certain, because 6 yuan skin is too much.The other five tiger limited skin although not off the shelves, but their discount time is coming, two days will be restored to the original price.For example, Lu Ban’s skin is now 1430 points, but after the discount, it will need 1788 points, and epic skin will be restored from 710 points to 888 points.The best that has to buy skin plan so is to take advantage of these two days to buy.During the past few years, there have been a number of official free skin events, where people can buy old skin, return skin or mysterious shop skin and get the chance to get free skin, and This time Nezha’s new skin is no exception.After the launch of Nezha new skin, as long as you buy this skin on the free order campaign page, you can get a lucky draw. If you are lucky enough to draw the full free order, you can get a rebate.So the best way to buy this skin is not in the game store, but in the free campaign page.Hou Yi cried before kai’s machine skin online when it was revealed that Hou Yi also has the same series of skin, in the official Easter egg is also indicated, at the same time experience clothing Hou Yi also out of the skin grid, and is the glory of the skin grid.So it also makes players think that Hou Yi will have a glorious skin, originally thought that this Spring Festival will launch, but did not expect to be robbed by Zhuge Liang, resulting in Hou Yi did not have a new skin online.But recently, there was new information about houyi’s skin, according to the news, the skin was not online because it was pulled back to redo.The rework could downgrade the skin’s quality bonus from a glorified collection to a common legend, and if that’s the case, it’s too bad for Houyi.May have said that the game mall in the 7th day will usher in a big change, two Ru Meng Ling and Liu Bang’s 6 yuan skin will be off the shelves, and after the return opportunity is also very slim.Like the words of these a few skin so be about to seize the time to buy, especially liu Bang’s 6 yuan skin, the price is not expensive, bought also won’t be deficient.In addition to a few tiger year limited skin discount to expire, do not buy then want to buy will spend more money in vain.Buy skin during the Spring Festival remember to go to the free campaign page to buy oh, so you can have the opportunity to draw free.Houyi’s mecha skin may be on the line when the quality really degraded, otherwise it will not be so long out.