Spring outing, which SUV is a more suitable partner?

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Although the epidemic repeated, but also can not stop everyone yearning for the heart of spring scenery, many families have chosen to drive, how to choose a car suitable for family travel has become a problem.For salarymen, domestic SUV of about 150,000 yuan is an excellent choice. On the one hand, the rapid development of China’s auto industry provides strong guarantee for product quality. On the other hand, compared with joint venture products, domestic SUV is undoubtedly more cost-effective.Of course, the vehicle appearance, space, power and after-sales service are also a lot of car purchase needs to focus on the part of the inspection.Today, we will compare changan Uni-K and FAW Pentium T99, which are popular in the market, from these aspects, to provide references and suggestions for you to buy cars.Design Index: Changan Uni-K (5 stars) Pentium T99 (5 stars)Changan UNI-K and Pentium T99 have their own unique features, but their styles are quite different. Generally speaking, UNI-K looks futuristic and belongs to the “stunning at first glance” type. The front face is high-tech, but the more fashionable and futuristic things are, the more likely they are to be out of date.The Pentium T99 has a more traditional look;Won’t give a person jing at the first glance, nevertheless square square is hale and sturdy modelling is more durable look, belong to the kind of more see more pair of eye type.If it is used as a car for 150,000 salaried families, maybe T99 will be more suitable. After all, what this age needs more is the precipitation of time, rather than the passion of a glance.The uni-K is a sci-fi design with a borderless grille that breaks with tradition and gives the vehicle a futuristic look.At the same time, “SLR class” ultra-thin lens LED headlights, hidden door handles, penetrating taillights and other appearance design also make this car basically walk in the forefront of fashion.This bold and radical design is also radish green vegetables, users of its praise and criticism, when choosing a car also have to consider, after all, how to use a car for three or five years, or choose a durable look better.Pentium T99 the continuation of the philosophy of “light” design of family, octagon digital raindrops intake grille and LED headlamp unit together, the middle is the responsibility of the new logo with “window of the world”, overall modelling although somewhat traditional, but fortunately, modelling is more stable, whether daily household, can deal with or business occasions, strength interpretation “grace never out of date”.The Changan Uni-K (5 stars) and Pentium T99 (4 stars) score why: When choosing a family SUV, cab space should not be ignored.According to the data, changan UNI-K is 4865*1948*1690mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2890mm, and Pentium T99 is 4800*1915*1685mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 2870mm.In comparison, the Changan Uni-K has a larger body size, but the uni-K’s wheelbase is only 2cm longer than the Pentium T99’s, with only two knuckles. In the actual experience of the vehicle, the small edition did not notice the difference.Intelligent recommendation Index: Changan UNI-K (5 stars) pentium T99 (4 stars) Reason: With the improvement of automobile manufacturing level, users have higher and higher requirements for intelligent vehicles.Changan UNI-K, as a product designed for young car groups, is commendable in its intelligent performance.The car adopts 3+1 multi-screen display, the whole central control shows a sense of the future, the car system uses the latest Flying fish OS3.0 system, equipped with “SuperFast” high-energy chip, the system supports networking function, gesture control function and iFLYTEK voice recognition function, support lifting Windows and many other practical functions,In addition, the system supports directional voice pickup of the main and passenger drivers, continuous 30-second wake-free dialogue and independent learning of the voice habits of the car owner. The recognition accuracy and response speed of the system are also very fast, and it can smoothly interact with people, which is very intelligent.Pentium T99 uses three screens to create a glass cockpit driving experience. The 12.3-inch central control screen has a variety of functions, including driving computer, multimedia and other practical functions. In addition, it is equipped with the vehicle network system, which supports voice recognition function.It is worth mentioning that the Pentium T99 integrates physical buttons such as air conditioners into a single screen, making it more technological and easier to operate.On the whole, although pentium T99 has a high level of intelligence, its advantages are not obvious compared with changan UNI-K, which focuses on youth and intelligence.The Uni-K is powered by changan uni-K’s 2.0-ton Blue Whale engine, which has a maximum power of 171kW, a maximum output of 233 HP, and a peak torque of 390Nm.The pentium T99 is also equipped with a 2.0-ton engine, which is the same as the hongqi HS5. It has a maximum power of 165kW, a maximum output of 224 horsepower, and a maximum torque of 340Nm.Data comparison found that Chang ‘an power is stronger.Reason for rating: In terms of economy, pentium T99 can achieve maximum torque when rotating speed ranges from 1600 to 4500, while UNI-K can achieve maximum torque when rotating speed ranges from 1900 to 3300.The pentium T99 has a wider range of maximum power output and maximum torque, so although the engine numbers are not as good as the UNI-K, the actual power experience is almost the same, and the combined fuel consumption of the NEDC shows that the Pentium T99 is more fuel efficient.Reason: Considering the actual situation, users are more willing to buy the sub-top matching models with more practicability when buying a car, so we take the sub-top matching of the two models as an example to compare the cost performance.In terms of price, the pentium T99 maximum model has a guide price of 174,900 yuan, while changan Uni-K has a guide price of 172,900 yuan. However, since there are more preferential activities for Pentium T99 in actual purchase, dealers have a more competitive price of 162,900 yuan.In terms of configuration, the main difference between the two models lies in safety and comfort configuration. Although the actual price of Pentium T99 is 10,000 yuan lower than uni-K, the driving assistance system is more comprehensive, bringing higher safety. Meanwhile, it is comparable to UNI-K in comfort configuration and has higher cost performance.In addition, there are great differences between the two products in terms of the warranty policy of the first owner. Pentium T99 is guaranteed with unlimited mileage and unlimited life, while Changan UNI-K can only enjoy the lifetime warranty for the core parts of the engine.After sale service recommendation Index: Changan Uni-K (4 stars) pentium T99 (5 stars) Reason: To choose a product with more care after sale service means more worry, time and money saving car experience for users.In terms of services, Changan NUI-K has introduced specific car purchase policies, including 0 down payment, 1 year and 0 monthly mortgage payment, 0 interest for 36 periods, 7,000 yuan replacement subsidy, 3,000 yuan additional purchase subsidy, and 1,000 yuan gift package lottery and other welfare policies.Follow-up basic maintenance three times to buy, according to the package oil, the average price of a single time from 370 to 670 yuan.For pentium brand, service has been its key field of cultivation.Pentium’s “518 service rights” guarantee that users can experience pentium’s “customer first” service concept from the moment they buy a car.518 service rights and interests include 30-day free return, vehicle lifetime warranty + 5-year free oil, free return to the factory for car washing, free basic flow and other service experience and value-added rights. It not only provides the owners with the benefits of quality assurance and maintenance, but also improves the car use experience and escorts the whole life cycle of the vehicle.Summary: On the whole, Changan UNI-K has advantages in intelligence and power performance, but it lacks in economy, cost performance and after-sale service. In addition, its distinctive appearance makes it more suitable for young people.The pentium T99 various aspects performance is balanced, although intelligent slightly inferior, but existing configuration also enough for daily use, and has crushed in cost performance advantages, coupled with its “518 service interests” in the accessories, car wash services such as free, free for users to save a lot of money, for more attaches great importance to the working-class transport costs, more worthy of choice.