It tested positive!Shandong 1 emergency disposal!

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Heze the dingtao district center for disease control and prevention recently successful treatment with some brand food left left positive events under the district party committee epidemic prevention and control command command coordination, in the city center for disease control and prevention under the guidance of experts, at the municipal, district public security bureau the dingtao bureau market supervision and administration under the help of support, the dingtao district center for disease control and prevention, successful treatment of some brand food positive events together.At 22:45 on January 25, jinan Center for Disease Control and Prevention received a letter of assistance, screening a brand of cold chain food positive goods contact.The DISTRICT CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention immediately activated the emergency plan, and carried out epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid samples for people involved in the positive food and contacts in the district.Cold-chain food handling and unpacking personnel shall be closely connected and quarantined for 14 days.Family members were quarantined and nucleic acid tested as sub-close contacts.Cold-chain food was sealed, and samples and tests were carried out on the home environment of positive food, cold-chain food stored in refrigerators, outer packaging, the inner wall of refrigerators and the home environment.Carry out external and external packaging and environmental nucleic acid sampling for the cargo of the same logistics vehicle, and manage the people involved according to key groups.Up to now, cold-chain food involved and contacts have been found, and healthy, no abnormal symptoms.All other items involving cold chain food have been sealed.In response to this emergency, people, objects and the environment should be protected together. Three people were identified as close contacts and 21 people were identified as secondary contacts. All of them should be controlled, and health monitoring and nucleic acid testing should be done well in close contacts and secondary contacts.Taian Radio and TELEVISION Station Taian Voice • Rong Media Center source: Dingtao CDC Director: Zhu Wenjing Review: Zhang Dongmei