Ford EVOS “buy” in the bag, enjoy 0 yuan upgrade cabin

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The new Ford EVOS will enjoy a “0 liter cabin” for a month!2022 Grand Prix, early explosion!This January, Changan Ford shock launch activities!What?Not satisfied with?We also have, and so on a variety of pre-sale, after-sales welfare, to ensure that you harvest satisfaction!All new Ford EVOS thanks to the old owners!Can’t miss the car purchase time, can’t miss the car purchase discount!All new Ford EVOS, heart beat feast, irresistible!Official guide price 1998-259,800 yuan ①!2, any brand replacement enjoy lifelong free maintenance + up to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidy 2, 3 times of free basic maintenance 3 +2 years of free road rescue 4 + three years or one hundred thousand kilometers of vehicle warranty (the first to take) + continuous OTA upgrade *January 1, 2022 — January 31, 2022, first buy, first serve.①EcoBoost®245 technology edition is a major customer model. It is manufactured to order and has customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements. The delivery period is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4008877766 hotline for more information.(2) When changan Ford owners use Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, they can use the original car valuation + replacement subsidy to offset the down payment amount to achieve the low EVOS of 0 yuan.The valuation of the original car shall be subject to the actual evaluation, and the relevant requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy shall be consulted with the local authorized second-hand car dealer.The specific replacement subsidy will vary depending on the replacement model, please contact your local dealer for details.(3) 3 times of free basic maintenance (including the first guarantee), the number of times of use a year is not more than twice (including 2 times), basic maintenance is to replace the oil machine filter.④ Free road assistance: road repair (tire change, electric ride), trailer (including accident trailer), taxi and hotel accommodation services (if the conditions meet the conditions can be enjoyed).* Contact your local distributor for details.Customers have been waiting for the new Ford EVOS is now in stores, grab fresh car test drive is underway, come to the store in January to enjoy a surprise!Intelligent design: Technology and art coexist, the new Ford EVOS to create a “sense of ritual” in life!As the first model that adopts Ford’s new “potential energy aesthetics” design concept, the new Ford EVOS deeply pays tribute to Ford’s classic design genes, showing the artistic beauty of the dynamic potential of yearning for breaking wind and the strong potential energy collision from the earth.The unique function of “Wolong awakening” enables you to discover the heart-shaking beauty in the ritual sense of life!Intelligent interaction: More fashionable, more exciting and more understanding of you, the new Ford EVOS open a new trend!Whether it’s the “super brain” — SYNC?+2.0 system, ford Blue Friend always with you, or the industry’s first “immersive driving”, all highlight the new Ford EVOS’s trendy taste and proud wisdom.Only a look, an expression, a word can understand your trend of driving, for drivers to provide unprecedented comfortable driving experience and control by my car life enjoyment.Smart Drive: Discover the joy of life with the all-new Ford EVOS that unlock surprises all the way!Inheriting Ford’s performance DNA, the new Ford EVOS is equipped with more advanced power technology — EcoBoost?The 2.0T engine shows excellent power and handling;Co-pilot 360TM Zhiheng Driver Assistance system and Ford Vehicle-Road Cooperation System (V2I) not only provide more comprehensive protection for drivers, but also ensure that drivers can cope with various complex road conditions and enjoy the happiness of driving.As an important strategic model of Changan Ford brand, the new Ford EVOS leads the development trend of the domestic medium-sized SUV market with the innovative spirit of advancing with The Times, emerging future technology and unlimited novel ideas.In 2022, the new Ford EVOS will continue to inherit the gene of ford’s century-old brand. Whether it is the atmospheric smoothness of the new “potential energy aesthetics” modeling, or the excellent driving experience comparable to the pioneer coupe, it shows the unique charm of the new Ford EVOS control itself!Not only that, but if you want to know more about the EVOS, go to the store and test drive it.The new Ford EVOS has arrived in the store, welcome to inquire or to the store test drive experience!Consultation hotline: 0470-8989876 Address: East side of Ewenki Qi Hai Yi Road Li Feng Auto Park