AG lost to WE, let Aze take the blame this time. Anyway, there was no problem with Yonuo, it was all the teammates’ fault

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Momo game brings you exciting and intense KPL Spring Competition information!In A key match in group A, AG super game club lost the game after five rounds of fierce competition.After WE won the game, WE won four in a row.Although WE still have theory can be promoted to S group, but everyone knows.LGD big goose and AG super play will be impossible all games are zero opponents!If either team loses a small game in the following matches, WE will advance to Group S.Plus, can’t WE win five in a row?Let’s analyze group A!Based on the current score of Group A, WE are sure to advance to Group S.The remaining one spot will be in the AG Super Game and LGD Goose and two teams!Although AG is currently ranked second, LGD Goose has one less match than AG. If LGD Goose wins three games in a row and AG loses one more match, then AG will not be promoted to group S.Therefore, for the AG super game, the remaining two games, must win, preferably zero opponents!In this match with WE, AG super game club still exposed many problems!There are a lot of netizens began to AG super play will find reasons!Many netizens said that the AG super game will lose this game, largely because of the side player Ah Ze ability is not!This game, Ah ze feeling disappeared, there is no sense at all!Especially in the last game, The dream qi blood did not have a big move, but also a person to chase the opponent, finally was killed, leading to AG super play will lose the game!And ah Ze’s horse chao, why other team players can win, ah Ze’s winning rate is so low?But there are also a lot of netizens said, Ah Ze does have a problem, but AG super game will lose the game, is it all on Ah Ze?Autumn game lost, it is early morning’s problem, this season early morning hit the value, can’t look for early morning back pot, look for ah Ze?Is there no problem with the shooter’s position?The fourth inning, the use of sun Shangxiang, from the beginning of the game was at a disadvantage, even if the six gods installed also did not have any output.This game, can not be said to be a problem, but in the fifth game, AG super play in the dominant situation, is a drop point let WE reverse!6 minutes this time want to counter red, but was thousands of the Xi Shi pulled to the second off, is this wave, AG super play will lose all the early advantages, that is, this time, WE began to pressure AG super play will come to play!In the end, AG super game lost the fifth round!If Ah Ze has a problem, then Yi Nuo’s problem will not be less than ah ze!Therefore, the reason why AG super game will lose this game is not a player’s problem, but the whole team has problems, can not put the responsibility on a player!The real problem is the coach’s BP ability!