Takeout brother accident burns life in danger, easy to raise love relay to help it through the crisis

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The road of life is not plain sailing, there will always be some ups and downs.You either end up weak or stronger.Recently, a pair of Cousins delivering food in Hefei, because of an accident, causing Yin and Yang apart.Let people sigh, and the surviving cousin is also in critical condition due to extensive burns.In order to save his son’s life, his father launched an appeal for help on the easy money, hoping that good people can help him through the crisis.Zhang Bao and Zheng Xiang, two Cousins from Nanwei Village, Guqiao Town, Fengtai County, Huainan, were working together as food deliverymen in Hefei. In order to save money, they rented a private house in an urban village together so that they could take care of each other.Cousin Zhang Bao is 33 years old this year. In addition to his parents, who are nearly 70 years old, he has a 2-year-old daughter in his hometown. The whole family basically relies on his meager income of delivering takeout food to get by.Although delivery of live very hard, but think of daughter home starving and aging parents, Zhang Bao still full of confidence for this job, on May 5, and on this day, the two Cousins in order to save time, although just before lunch coupon, the storage battery car battery to get the room charge, however, accident suddenly happened at that moment, suddenly are charging the batteryThe explosion, triggered a serious fire, the tongue of fire instantly will be midday lunch Cousins devour.After the incident, people around quickly called 119 and 120, and the two were rushed to the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University.His injuries were so severe, however, that Zhang’s cousin, Zheng Xiang, died the next day with burns over 90 percent of his body, according to doctors.Zhang Bao is not much better. Although doctors have tried their best to rescue him, he is still in danger of death. His total burn area has reached 85%, and the wounds are basically all over his body.At the same time, he also inhaled chemical substances generated after the battery explosion and combustion. He suffered severe inhalation injury and was in critical condition, facing life danger at any time.Zhang Bao, a 33-year-old man, was the breadwinner of his family, but now the tragedy has plunged the family into the abyss.His father s heart bleeds as he watches his son s breathing apparatus being attached to the hospital bed.Seeing more than 30,000 yuan of medical expenses a day, Zhang’s father felt at a loss.At present, Zhang Bao is still in shock, and once he passes the shock period, he will have to hurry up for surgery, which will cost about 400,000 yuan.And to cure it completely, you need at least 2 million.Two million yuan is an astronomical figure even for a middle-class family, let alone an ordinary rural family with an elderly family and a small family.Zhang Bao’s father had no choice but to look up and sigh, daring to ask god why it was so unfair.On the one hand, his son was in urgent need of treatment, on the other hand, zhang Bao’s father could only say: “Even smashing POTS and selling iron can’t raise money”!Zhang Fu’s eyes are filled with helplessness and sadness.Watch in front of his son’s life a little bit of time, Zhang Fu heart ached, it in no time, Zhang Bao father after the man advice, choose in the raise, easily raise platform for his son by hope loving people in the society through easily raise platform give a little love, to help the families of the dying out of the abyss.Founded in 2014, easily raise, in order to let every family has to deal with courage and strength as the mission of the disease, in so far, nearly seven years, to millions upon millions of patients with serious illness raised money treatment, for those patients with serious illness and their families behind him hope, and easy to raise founded the serious illness of the raise pattern has also been known by more and more people and identity, and winMore and more people join in the charity team which is easy to raise.Trickle into the sea, little dust accumulation on the mountain.I believe that with the full help of people who can easily raise love, Zhang Bao will be able to overcome this crisis as soon as possible, regain hope of life, and pass on his love and hope.