Strawberries are just in time for picking

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24 solar terms Rain “Spring Night happy Rain” good rain season, when spring is happening.The wind into the night, moisten things silently.Wild path cloud all black, river ship fire alone Ming.Xiao see red wet place, flower heavy Brocade official city.Rain water is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms.Every year around the fifteenth day of the first month (February 18-20 Gregorian calendar), when the sun’s longitude reaches 330 degrees, is the 24 solar terms of rain.At this time, the temperature rises, snow and ice melt, precipitation increases, so it is named rain.Rain means precipitation begins and rainfall gradually increases.Rain water means two things. One is that the weather warms up and precipitation gradually increases. The other is that in the form of precipitation, there is less snow and more rain.During the rain “seven nine rivers open, nine nine geese come”, a scenery at the end of winter and the beginning of spring.At this time, the cold and warm air confrontation, brought is not a sudden drop in temperature, snowflakes flying, but the advent of spring spring rain.The annual strawberry season is here!Personally picked the full red strawberry, bite, sour and sweet juice overflow, one after another can not stop, think about all feel happy.Grab your friends and pick strawberries by yourself.Lanwan Fruit and vegetable Base (Strawberry) base is located in the scenic Louzikou village, north of yantai water source menlou Reservoir, south of the tourist resort 峆㠠 temple, a total of 21 organic fruit and vegetable greenhouses, planting strawberries, cherries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, cucumber, tomato, celery and other organic fruit and vegetable agricultural products.The base uses the pollution-free soil of the reservoir to clear silt and lift the field, and adopts the way of organic cultivation, which has become the first agricultural product certified by organic products in Fushan District.The base provides seasonal fruit and vegetable picking for tourists all the year round. There are strawberries, vegetables and other agricultural products.Yantai Yitong Leisure farm was established in 2012, following the principle of organic combination of ecological benefits, social benefits and economic benefits, with green health throughout the industry, with excellent quality to win the market reputation, mainly engaged in ecological agriculture breeding.During the Spring Festival, in addition to stereoscopic cultivation of strawberries can be picked, the orchard carefully cultivated red grapefruit has also been mature, come to taste it.Picking address: yantai fushan district high Tuan town west Song Zhou village traveling hotline: 13853528496 garden gate house town XiaoJia Village tree plantations plantations located Yu Fushan area, covers an area of 33 acres, mainly in dragon fruit, passion fruit and three-dimensional strawberry picking is given priority to, match with tropical fruit such as banana, papaya, sugar cane planting, into a collection of picking, ornamental, amusement in the integration of high-quality goods picking garden.The person in charge of the farm has as long as 20 years of strawberry planting experience, adhere to pollution-free, pollution-free, hormone-free planting, do not use puffing agent, each strawberry let everyone eat at ease.Qinggu Pastoral ecological farm ecological farm is located in Huili town qian Cun riverside, excellent water quality and soil breeding pure natural, no pesticides and chemical fertilizer hormones pure green fruits and vegetables.Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant.In the farm swing, pick fresh strawberries, vegetables, feed rabbits, pigeons and other small animals, experience farm life.Fengwu Fruit and vegetable Picking garden covers a total area of 118 mu, built in 2017, the garden is mainly greenhouse organic strawberry, 16 greenhouse greenhouse planting up to 15 varieties.Another flat peach garden, peacock ornamental garden, flower room, red pear garden, Dutch apricot forest, peach garden, red heart flat orchard, pomegranate mulberry garden, organic vegetable garden, sapphire vineyard, watermelon garden, sweet purple corn garden, ground melon garden, mountain herb garden, new varieties of big cherry seedling base……We will be the most enthusiastic quality service, wholeheartedly welcome your presence!Picking address: Fushan District Gate West port Village Bridge South travel hotline:15318683333 Lao-Sun pollution-free strawberry picking garden is located in West Zhougezhuang village, Menlou Town, picking garden director Lao-sun has nearly 30 years of strawberry planting experience, the garden planting sweet treasure, banana strawberry, the use of bee pollination, adhere to the cultivation method of natural ripening without pesticides.The picking garden can accommodate nearly 100 people at the same time. After picking, you can reserve the farmhouse entertainment in the village and taste the farm food. It is a good place for your family’s weekend outing.Pick address: Menlou town West Zhou Gezhuang village travel hotline: 15653857612 warm tips 1.Go out to play, safety first.While traveling and picking, please do not gather together, take good health protection, and cooperate with the staff to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control registration and inspection.2. Go out to play, standard “appointment”.All the above picking gardens need to be booked by phone in advance, and the park will arrange tourists to enter the garden in batches according to the traffic volume.Source: Fushan District Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yantai