“Spring Festival” travel expressway free, you caught the traffic jam?

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A year of hard work, and now will usher in a year of “Spring Festival” small holiday, I believe that you have been ready to travel, or perhaps just want to stay at home to accompany the family?Anyway, I believe you all have your own answer in mind.So what are the free vehicles for this Spring Festival holiday?What are the criteria for determining free time?Do you still have doubts about the many problems of free passage?Here are the answers.According to the Notice of The State Council on approving and transferring the Implementation plan of exemption of small bus tolls on major Holidays of the Ministry of Transport and other departments, toll roads in China will continue to exempt small buses with less than 7 seats (including 7 seats) and motorcycles that are allowed to drive on ordinary toll roads from tolls during this Spring Festival holiday.The specific free time period starts at midnight on the first day of the holiday (January 31) and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday (February 6).It is worth noting that, due to the changes in the epidemic situation at home and abroad and other factors, self-driving trips during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush are mainly medium and short distances. If driving home during the Spring Festival is to make the road smooth, it is necessary to effectively avoid the peak traffic.But since choose to go out, that means “traffic jam” is not far away.Although in the holiday, the owners can enjoy the free high speed, but the owners of friends still need to pay attention to the following problems!This year’s “Spring Festival” high-speed free time is from 0 o ‘clock on January 31, 2022 to 24 o ‘clock on February 6, that is to say, in this period of time, car owners can enjoy free high-speed.It should be noted that to determine whether the vehicle can enjoy the free high-speed, pay attention to the time point when the vehicle leaves the high-speed shall prevail.In other words, even if a car gets on the expressway during the toll time, it can enjoy the free expressway as long as it gets off the expressway during the free time.Two, clear can enjoy free high-speed models as we all know, the national implementation of major holiday high-speed free policy, mainly for the first category of models, although 8 to 9 models are divided into a class of models, but can not enjoy the holiday free passage.And can enjoy the holiday high-speed free passage of the model, is still the following 7 seats (including 7 seats) of the passenger car, in other words, the seat of the model to meet the requirements.But here need to pay attention to is that some of the nature of the operation of small passenger cars, although seats in line with the high-speed free requirements, but still can not enjoy the holiday free high-speed.For example, some online ride-hailing cars, taxis, and small trucks are not entitled to free high-speed cars.Another point worth noting is that when the vehicle is on the highway, it should take the artificial channel, and when it is off the highway, it should also take the artificial channel.On the expressway, take ETC channel, and on the expressway, you must take ETC channel.Do not take the manual channel when going on the highway, and take ETC channel when going off the highway.For some vehicles equipped with ETC system, if the high speed is free before the high speed, must follow the ETC lane into the high speed, keep the ETC lane out of the high speed principle.Only by keeping the record of one in and one out of high speed in this way can ETC data have a complete traffic record. Otherwise, the vehicle may face the problem of record loss or affect the later daily use of ETC vehicle.In addition to checking the system of your car before departure, it is most important for drivers to know the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the origin and destination in advance.Pay close attention to changes in the epidemic prevention and control policies at the departure and destination locations, keep abreast of weather conditions in surrounding areas, and carefully check the technical conditions of vehicles to ensure safe travel.Finally, the real-time road conditions, peak hours, easy congestion and slow stations along the route should be understood in advance, and the travel route, mode and time should be reasonably selected to ensure smooth travel.Drive travel is universal and cars: the Spring Festival holiday Civilization traffic I in view of the “Spring Festival” holiday with you, culture and tourism also issued travel reminder, remind the tourists, to understand the source and destination ahead of the latest epidemic prevention and control policy, weather and traffic conditions, during the travel safety awareness to bear in mind, health vacation safely.The above is the small details of the holiday travel speed for the majority of owners of friends, no matter you are ETC or non-ETC vehicles, must keep these tips in mind, so as not to bring small troubles for their high-speed travel.In addition, obeying traffic rules is the most effective way to ensure travel safety, as well as the strengthening agent of civilized travel good habits.