Jinan International Airport will require “light code” traffic from April 3

2022-07-31 0 By

To strengthen the epidemic monitoring and analysis, further completes the precision normalized epidemic prevention and control work, better guarantee the people’s life safety, protect personal information, in accordance with the relevant epidemic prevention and control of shandong province deployment requirements, since April 3, 2022 16, jinan international airport officially applied uniform shandong epidemic prevention and control “site code”.At present, Jinan International Airport has posted the “Venue code” and relevant warm tips in the public areas such as the entrances of the first and second floors of the terminal, the domestic arrival area and the cargo terminal.All people entering the terminal, freight terminal and other public areas, as well as domestic passengers should search “Shandong Electronic Health Card” and “Shandong Health Service Number” through Alipay, wechat and other apps in advance, and apply for registration of “Shandong Health Code” according to the prompts.Then, through the “Scan” function of the “Shandong Health code” mini-program, the corresponding “place code” in the public area of Jinan Airport is scanned to realize the automatic registration of the information of passengers and relevant personnel in and out of the airport to ensure smooth passage.There is no need to fill in any personal information after scanning the “Venue code”, which effectively prevents the leakage of sensitive personal information.In order to facilitate the smooth travel of passengers, Jinan International Airport has assigned special personnel to guide and assist the elderly, children and other special passengers who cannot find the health code and travel card or those without mobile phones in and out of the terminal, to help them complete the registration and application of “Shandong Health Code” and standardize the use of “venue code”.A variety of mobile phone charging devices have been set up at the entrance and exit of the terminal and the domestic arrival area to provide short-term free charging services for passengers whose mobile phones have run out of power.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.It is reported that Jinan International Airport will continue to strictly implement provincial and municipal measures for epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the application and inspection of “Shandong health code” and “site code” to provide data support for epidemic control and achieve accurate prevention and control.At the same time, the airport will further strengthen the prevention and control of various public places, platforms and other key areas, to provide a safe, assured and comfortable air travel environment for the general public.