Feb.15 LPL: EDG, WBG “Battle of broken Sword” dialogue

2022-07-31 0 By

On February 15th, Beijing time, the fifth week of LPL Spring competition welcomed the second match day: 17:00 PM, OMG blocked JDG, which had won three consecutive games in a row, and faced off against “Pheg” and 369;The second game of the night is a dialogue between EDG and WBG, Flandre and TheShy.Game 1, 17:00, Beijing JDG vs OMGJDG Starters: 369, Kanavi, Yagao, Hope, MissingOMG Starters:The poster title of Shanji, AKi, Creme, Able and COLDJDG is “Planet Sleepwalking”. On behalf of JDG, the mecha warriors sit on the special train leading to the game, eat the grilled bread sold by our opponent WE in the last game, and meet the mascot giant panda of our opponent OMG in their dream.JOY, the demon dog of JDG, has no way to escape, but he is protected by Cerberus, the inferno’s BOSS, and a big battle is inevitable.OMG’s score is 4-4, ranking 8th, followed by JDG’s score is 3-2, but after a wave of three consecutive wins, I wonder whether OMG can end JDG’s winning streak?Game 2, 19:00, EDG vs WBGEDG Starters: Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper, MeikoWBG:The poster copy of TheShy, SofM, Angel, Huanfeng and ONEDG quotes the famous words of modern German philosopher Nietzsche in The Other Side of Good and evil:”When you stare into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.” The creepy WBG big Eyes stares at his rival knight EDG on the screen of his mobile phone, but the knight projected into his huge pupil is also staring at him. Big Eyes thought he was a “hunter” and might become EDG knight’s “prey” tonight.WBG’s poster title “Broken Sword” is a pun on both EDG’s knight Broken Sword’s defeat tonight and Raven, one of TheShy’s signature heroes,The dial ON the table and wall of the poster shows the scale of the birthdays of the five main WBG players — November 11 for TheShy, February 3 for Huanfeng, February 5 for SofM, September 16 for Angel and May 12 for ON. The bronze dial with pointer in the upper left corner without scale is the original main auxiliary.This year’s return of “Snake snake” SwordArt’s birthday is December 21.EDG and WBG are on the same level with 5 points, EDG and WBG are on the third place with 5 wins and WBG and WBG are on the fourth place with 4 wins.