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One, there will be a rebound, but the midline is weak.Liquor in addition to the head two today before the jump vacancy mouth support, most of the other have broken.There will be short – term rebound, but the height is limited.My view is that the rally near antenna 20 is likely to hit a new low.Second, the lack of incremental funds in the market forces the acceleration of the collapse of group shares.The January launch of the new fund is not ideal everyone knows.Institutions into the stock game stage, to transfer warehouse for shares, the hand of low valuation of the goods is not much, the total can not sell 5 times the price to continue to carry firewood high valuation of 50 times the price of it.Old group liquor, valuation does not match the profit growth rate, leading profit growth rate is not as good as banks, valuation is facing re-pricing.New group shares new energy, semiconductor excessive overdraft policy dividend, lack of new funds into the market, institutions after the year, open year to eat farewell party.In fact, since the fourth quarter of last year, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect has been transferred from the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect to shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.Last but not least, where the old and new groups are most likely to go: The theme of 2022 is “stability”, everyone grasp this theme.Steady growth in the first half of the year, ensuring employment: new and old infrastructure, cement, steel, real estate, banking.The old guys are old, but the policy is clear, the valuation is cheap, and the 2022 growth will be replaced by safety in the first quarter.Margin of safety is high. Survival is all that matters.Addendum: Medical care, there is a rebound, but not a V – shaped reversal.Need to stop the shock consolidation, build a new bottom, ge manager is not expected to be so easy to solve the set.Method: cast low cost, rebound to 20 antenna cast part sell, continue to cast, through the band pull low cost.Until the stabilization stop, break through 60 antenna as a sign, officially bottom.