46 years old county straight unit deputy branch, year comprehensive income 70 thousand, life still have space?

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Over the age of 45, the man is the leader of the unit, with strong dedication and sense of responsibility, work alone, in the rest of the unit lay down the mentality of bearing forward, considering the future want to transfer post.01 Personal basic information born in 1975, male civil servant, deputy section level, in charge of a unit room to undertake three jobs, among which the most headache is the stability of letters and visits, several letters and visits left over from history has been the most headache.I have worked in the township for more than 20 years, joined the work in 1997, has experienced family planning, irrigation and water conservancy, overall planning withdrawal, poverty alleviation and other tests, because can not stand the complex personnel relations of the unit at that time, asked to be transferred to the county straight a bureau committee work.Compared with the township work, the working environment has changed, the party is less, the wine bureau is not much, but the welfare is also reduced, 400 yuan per month to the countryside subsidies and other welfare has been sharply reduced.Compared with other students and colleagues who are still working in towns and villages, they have more opportunities to realize their personal value and make contributions to the masses.Some people say, if you still work in the town, what.But I now work, I do not regret, one of the reasons, I believe that many people with common experience will be clear.I was born in 1975 in a rural village in the Central Henan Plain. I have four brothers and three sisters. My parents are all kind and hardworking farmers.After graduating from agricultural school in 1997, I was assigned to work in a neighboring town where my hometown is located. At that time, my salary was more than 230 yuan per month. At that time, material and economic conditions were relatively poor, and I was quite satisfied with my happiness in life.After the salary of the first month, I bought a brand-new flying pigeon bicycle, which was convenient for me to go back to my hometown on Sunday.Now I remember riding my bicycle on the road in the countryside after work, ringing the bell of my bicycle and suddenly starting a rabbit scurries out of a flock of sparrows. I still feel very happy.After working for two years, he set up a family and had a lovely son.My wife is a teacher in the township middle school where I live. Now her son has gone to a university, and she is still working in the township middle school.My mother is 85 years old this year. Because of her age, it is not convenient to go up and down stairs in the city, so she has been living in the countryside.I usually a person in the county life, work.Because some of my brothers and sisters are old, some of them are working outside. When my mother is sick, she comes to the county, and I take care of her in the hospital alone.The salary is usually sent to the salary account 4100, with various subsidies and performance of more than 2,000 yuan, and the annual income is about 70,000 yuan.Although this salary is low compared with former colleagues working in towns and villages and students working in enterprises, it is still very satisfactory. I have been in the system for more than 20 years, and I have also realized the benefits. Now even if I am given a job earning tens of thousands of yuan a month, I will not give up.04 work because of family and personal character, when working in the villages and towns, although has experienced more than 20 years of work experience, but as a student and a rural background me, don’t like some phenomena at ordinary times, can’t stand cheating, the relationship between complex, the ways of the world will take the initiative to apply for transfer to the county work.In the past two years when I worked in the county, my work has also been recognized by leaders. The work I was in charge of has won many national and provincial honors, and my county has been commended by relevant national departments. In the eyes of my colleagues, I should have room for progress in the future.Perhaps some friends think more than 40 years old minor is a little bad, in fact, some people will not mix such a level for a lifetime.As a child from rural areas, one is no background, two is no connections, three or four do not have strong funds to do mixed relationship as a backing, can go to today’s step, but also paid a lot, lost a lot, such as marriage, family.There was no divorce, no conflict between the couple, but there wasn’t much love either.Relationships need time and communication to maintain, but I don’t have time.The children also need to communicate, because I don’t have the time and I don’t care enough for my family.In the rush, busy leisure, I sometimes stop to think and reflect, doubt myself, doubt life.Some people will say that the county straight unit work single, small pressure, relatively relaxed, really said good.Many people know that the above agatanoatae unit staff, general, mainly in the 35 years of age or older, most not through public examination to enter within the system now, but through a variety of relations, especially people over the age of 45, work on basic is lying flat, learner is few, a unit of work, basically 1/5 people in support,The unit has management obligation to personnel and wages, but has no right to decide.Plus the personnel structure is too complicated, so sometimes it is difficult to manage.There are five people in the unit I am in charge of, three of whom are over 50 years old and only sign in at work; one is 30 years old and working steadily but is pregnant and about to become a mother; the other one is over 30 years old and completely laid down due to other reasons at work.In charge of the unit room of the main petition stability plus other two business work, as deputy, the vast majority of the work to pro li pro, on the right are treading on thin ice.Even so, sometimes I hear some gossip. All I can do is keep my conscience clear and do my job.Future Plan As deputy section-level civil servants above the age of 45 in the system, they can basically see the end at a glance, because age is a tough handicap.But I do not want to lie down in the system, whether to use their pen advantage to fight?