Yao Bowen, a student from Zhejiang International Studies University, hopes to become the “translation bridge” for competition services

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Yao Bowen in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center stadium Zhejiang online – Hangzhou channel February 5 news (reporter Zhang Mengyue) “to see the Beijing Winter Olympics grand opening, let me 7 months after the hangzhou Asian Games held at home more look forward to!”On the evening of February 4, Yao Bowen, a junior student at Zhejiang Foreign Studies University, spent the Spring Festival in his hometown of Huzhou, watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games with his family.Yao Bowen, 21, a Spanish major, applied to be a volunteer for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September last year and has passed the first stage of his university’s selection.Under his young face, he has more “senior” volunteer service experience than his peers.”Hangzhou Asian Games volunteer slogan collection, international civilized etiquette contest, college students welcome the Asian Games theme New Year’s Eve…I participated in many activities related to the Asian Games and felt the enthusiasm of college students and people from all walks of life for the Hangzhou Asian Games.”Yao bowen’s passion for volunteering for the Asian Games was inspired by the stories shared by his classmates who volunteered in the Beijing Winter Olympics village.”I hope I can make use of my experience in volunteering in the past, give full play to my language advantage, and become a ‘translation bridge’ for event services, so as to better serve the Hangzhou Asian Games with my professional ability.”Conscientiously study the compulsory courses of volunteer etiquette service carried out by the school, express the spirit of Asian Games in multiple languages…Preparing for the next round of volunteer interview was a “tough battle”, which also made Yao Bowen realize the mission of being a volunteer in a large-scale international competition with high specifications.”We represent not only ourselves, but also the charm of Hangzhou and zhejiang.”It is reported that more than 320,000 volunteers have registered for the Hangzhou Asian Games, and more than 225,000 have passed the examination. Interviews and selection will be completed by the end of March, and the list of pre-hires will be completed by June.Yao said that in the coming winter Olympics, the etiquette service of the volunteers will be paid more attention to in preparation for the second phase of on-campus selection.”Maybe when the Hangzhou Asian Games open in September, it will be my turn to be envied by my classmates!”(Zhejiang Online)