Mr. Liu didn’t get it: Many office workers prefer Taobao. Isn’t fast enough?

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When it comes to domestic e-commerce platforms, people are familiar with Taobao, JINGdong and Pinduoduo. Nowadays, the development of these three e-commerce platforms in China can be said to have a great influence, and Taobao, which was first developed among e-commerce platforms, now has an unshakeable position in China.As taobao founder jack ma, in the development of the electricity of shang dynasty is tasted, now electric commercial era and the age of the Internet, let more users can click on the smart phone screen will be able to buy things from all over the country, but liu as jingdong, founder of the reasons for selecting the taobao is confused most of the workers.After enjoying the benefits of relevant policies, many domestic e-commerce platforms have tasted some sweetness in the development of e-commerce era.At the beginning of its development, Taobao did not receive the support of most users. However, with the development of the Internet, the popularity of smart phones has affected all aspects of people’s lives, and e-commerce platforms are also developing rapidly.E-commerce platforms even have derivative industries, including the popular live streaming in the era of short video.The development of e-commerce platform also plays an important role in promoting China’s economic development.Whether on Singles’ Day or some related festivals such as Valentine’s Day, the total transaction volume of e-commerce platforms can provide a great impetus to economic development.Nowadays, people’s life is basically inseparable from e-commerce platforms, not to mention online shopping.When it comes to Taobao, I believe people are also familiar with it. As an important e-commerce platform under Alibaba Group, Taobao has been struggling in the e-commerce field for more than ten years, and now it has an unshakeable position in China.Jingdong is famous for its development in the field of e-commerce, and its biggest competitor has always been considered as Taobao.As an important weapon of Liu Qiangdong’s development in the field of e-commerce, JD can be said to have created its own world among e-commerce platforms by virtue of its own logistics advantages.Because jingdong has its own logistics, it can deliver goods faster than Taobao and Pinduoduo.Liu Qiangdong has also become the second largest e-commerce platform in China in a short period of time by virtue of the advantages of self-logistics. Although there is still a certain gap between Taobao and JINGdong, jingdong is also constantly narrowing the gap with Taobao.However, Liu qiangdong did not feel very satisfied when JD became the second largest e-commerce platform in China. On the contrary, he wondered why more office workers choose to shop on Taobao instead of buying goods on JD when there are so many e-commerce users in China.In fact, although JINGdong has a greater competitive advantage in self-operated logistics, in order to form a core competitive advantage in logistics, jingdong has to pay a relatively high cost, which can be said to be a big investment in logistics.In addition, JINGdong has also established nationwide logistics warehouses. Therefore, jingdong logistics can achieve same-day delivery speed, which must be inseparable from the self-operated logistics system created by Liu Qiangdong.The improvement of the delivery speed of jingdong platform is indeed very attractive to users. Even when Jingdong Logistics was launched at the beginning, it attracted a lot of attention in the e-commerce industry.However, even with its own logistics advantages, JINGdong cannot surpass Taobao for the following reasons: The first reason is the price gap.Because the cost of JD logistics in the logistics system is relatively high, among the extra cost, consumers will pay for it, and the price of many products will be higher.Many consumers even though quite enjoy jingdong logistics delivery speed, but is still have their own ideas in terms of price, for most of the workers, they would prefer to go to the taobao, rather than on the jingdong buy products, more important is the price gap, after all, workers will choose price good things cheap platform to buy their own preferred products.For JINGdong Logistics, the extra price is unacceptable to most office workers, who buy things on Taobao. Although the delivery speed of logistics is not fast enough and it takes two or three days, they are willing to wait rather than choose products with higher prices.Second reason, taobao and jingdong itself has a big difference.There are many kinds of goods on Taobao, but jingdong is not as rich as Taobao, so many office workers in order to meet their life needs, online shopping taobao has become an important pleasure in their life, so many office workers will spend more time on Taobao.The third reason is that Taobao, as an important e-commerce platform under Alibaba Group, also has mutual support from Alipay. Taobao and Alipay have formed a close relationship, and Ma Yun’s Huabei can largely meet the advance consumption demands of many office workers.Because the use of Huabai can be consumed before payment, many office workers can use Huabai to relieve the economic pressure they are facing, and office workers can not only buy the products they want by shopping on Taobao, but also will not bring great economic pressure to themselves.The fourth reason is that the customer groups facing JINGdong Logistics are very different.The end customer group of JINGdong is the high-end consumer group, who attach great importance to the products they buy. If there are any problems in the process of product distribution, JINGdong logistics will quickly provide solutions.Taobao’s customer group is suitable for both young and old with a wide range. Now Taobao also has a network of newbies. Once problems occur in product distribution, they cannot be solved in a timely manner.Because the most important core of JINGdong logistics is in self-run logistics, for many high-end customers, is their favorite e-commerce platform, to ensure the speed of product distribution but also to ensure the quality of product distribution.Taobao is indeed far behind jingdong logistics in terms of delivery speed, but it also has a strong competitive advantage, so many office workers will choose to shop online Taobao.In fact, whether users choose to shop on Taobao or buy products on, the ultimate purpose of these e-commerce platforms is to serve users.But Liu qiangdong now doubts that the reason why office workers prefer to visit Taobao is not because jingdong’s logistics is not fast enough, but because taobao and JINGdong face different customer groups, and their core competitive advantages are different.The development of the e-commerce era has brought more changes to the domestic e-commerce platform. The rise and development of many domestic e-commerce platforms can also improve the e-commerce platform to a certain extent.Jingdong, by virtue of its own advantages in self-logistics, can strive for its own place in the field of e-commerce. To make jingdong the second largest e-commerce platform in China, it must have its own strength.However, Taobao’s own position is also unshakeable. Taobao and JINGdong are not the same in terms of customer groups. If JINGdong only wants to surpass Taobao through its own logistics advantages, then the probability of success is very small.Liu would put in jingdong logistics cost is relatively high, so in terms of product price nature also will overflow, and taobao now has established the rookie logistics network system, the development of the ma in rookie also had more input, jingdong now will no longer be the only one among the domestic electricity sector has the self-management logistics system to the electric business platform.Jingdong’s core competitive advantage will gradually weaken. In order to achieve the goal of surpassing Taobao, jingdong must have more supporting services among customer groups. In addition, there is still a certain gap between jingdong’s product category and Taobao’s, and there can be more improvement in product category.