Hainan has strengthened epidemic prevention and control efforts in projects under construction

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In recent days, haikou city, Sanya City and other cities and counties in Hainan province have been hit by COVID-19. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hainan Province has been focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic in construction projects, adhering to the overall strategy of “preventing imported cases from abroad and preventing rebound from within” and the general policy of “dynamic zero elimination”.It is the responsibility of the local housing and construction authorities and participating enterprises to fight the tough battle against the epidemic in the housing and construction sector.Recently, the province live built hall printing “on further strengthening the construction of epidemic prevention and control and emergency disposal work notice” and “live on strengthening the province to build system notice the epidemic prevention and control work of various departments such as files, all require the province construction project implementation of the” four all “, not fully vaccinated personnel shall enter the arena, in high-risk areas to Joan workers are not allowed to enter the arena,No one with abnormal body temperature or health code is allowed to enter the building, and no one who has not registered under the real-name system is allowed to enter the building. Strict entry and exit control of personnel is required, and all labor personnel in ongoing projects are required to undergo nucleic acid testing, so as to effectively prevent and control the epidemic throughout the whole process.The provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development has deployed housing departments of all cities and counties to carry out investigations and rectification of potential epidemic prevention and control risks of projects under construction from April 1 to 6, urging all construction units to implement the main responsibility and closed-loop rectification, and strictly implement the daily report system.As of April 5, staff from housing and construction departments in 18 cities and counties (excluding Sansha city) had voluntarily given up holidays to reunite with their families, inspected a total of 413 items, found and rectified 618 hidden dangers of the epidemic, took 654 measures, and issued 24 rectification notices.Organized labor workers for projects under construction in the province to complete nucleic acid testing for 84,127 people, and all the test results showed negative;Labor workers with abnormal health codes were strictly quarantined at designated points according to relevant requirements and tested once a day. The test results are normal at present.Widespread and concerted efforts to fight the epidemic.Live in the face of sudden epidemic situation, province construction hall give full play to the industry advantage, widely launch publicity and build a game, build three innings, zhongjian TieSanJu in five innings, zhongjian eight innings, such as a large number of corporate social responsibility on the assembled to form the party members’ vanguard, youth commando, youth volunteer service team, such as community organizations actively assisted area nucleic acid detection,We will do a good job of maintaining order, guiding teams and registering personnel information.In the next step, the Provincial Department of Housing and Construction will continue to carry out the investigation and rectification of the epidemic prevention and control work of the projects under construction strictly in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work of the province, strengthen the epidemic control measures, consolidate the main responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control of the participating enterprises, and effectively win the battle of epidemic prevention and control in the housing and construction industry.Source: Hainan Daily client reporter: Sun Hui correspondent: Yang Zhou editor: Zhang Liuyang proofread: Chen Yongqi single single inspection of the highest not more than 25 yuan/person, Hainan adjust the price of nucleic acid testing!46 convenient sampling sites in Haikou continue to provide testing services.