Kulun Banner Public Security Bureau held the Winter Olympics security pledge general meeting

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Jingqi hunting exhibition xiongfeng, pledge sonorous sharpen morale.Beijing, Jan. 25 (Chinamil) — The Kulun Banner Public Security Bureau held a security pledge meeting for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on The morning of January 25.Flag government deputy chief, public security bureau party secretary, director Liu Zengxi attended the oath and speech.Bureau party committee team members, the team responsible for the comrades, security involved in the police a total of more than 160 people to participate in the ceremony.In the solemn national anthem, the security pledge ceremony officially opened.Liu Zengxi, deputy flag chief, led all the civilian auxiliary police to pledge to the police flag: resolutely win the security battle of Beijing “Winter Olympics”, resolutely win the security battle of “Spring Festival”, unswervingly do the “two barriers” loyal guard, swear to glory with the motherland, and glory with the police badge!Sonorous oath resounded through the sky, declared the kulun public security all people auxiliary loyalty to build police soul, to protect the safety of the faith.Liu Zengxi, deputy flag chief, stressed: “National honor is above all else, and duty and mission are weightier than Mount Tai.”Resolutely winning the security battle of the Winter Olympics is the biggest political task for public security organs at all levels. All the police and auxiliary police are practitioners and achievers of the “safe Winter Olympics”. They have an arduous task, a great responsibility and a glorious mission.It is necessary for the whole police to unify their thoughts and agglomerate their fighting spirit in the highest political position.Be sure to “lose nothing” with a sense of urgency, to achieve the best effect of “nothing to lose”;Be sure to take an extremely responsible attitude, fulfill the mission of the people’s police, go all out to resolutely win the first security battle of 2022!He requested that the public security organs and the majority of civilian auxiliary police, to achieve the “Winter Olympics” security, “Spring Festival” security victory, as a stage to show comprehensive quality, as an opportunity to improve the overall strength, as a practical action to fulfill the oath, everyone to do their best, everything to do their utmost loyalty and wisdom, everywhere due diligence.We should have the courage to take responsibility and break the routine. As long as it is conducive to the security of the “Winter Olympics” and the “Spring Festival”, we should dare to use and be good at using all the measures that work, and make sure that everything is in case.To concentrate, work diligently, do not let any little things, don’t ignore any subtleties, and resolutely do measures of thin thin, solid and real, yan yan again, in the execution of quality, support in the implementation of loyalty, with a strong sense of honor and pride of commitment “games” and “Spring Festival” security, to final decisive battle stance,We will resolutely achieve the “six resolutely preventing” and “three ensuring” goals and tasks, strive to achieve an overall victory in security work for the Winter Olympics, and deliver an excellent answer to the Party and the people.After the ceremony, the kulun Banner Public Security Bureau officially launched the security and stability maintenance special action for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.With flashing lights and whistling sirens, all the civilian auxiliary police went to the front lines and went to their posts to carry out their work.Text: Li Qiong editor: Wang Jue Review: Wang Qiang supervisor: Zhang Wei reprint please indicate the source