Jiang jun “success news”, liao Yaoxiang but to Du Yuming to complain: my division ran away

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In late April 1946, after the victory of “Erbao Benxi” of the Eastern Alliance, Du Yuming “parachuted” into Shenyang to command Chiang’s army in the northeast, in an attempt to turn the tide of the war.On April 27, Tu Yueming ordered Liao Yaoxiang to lead 100,000 troops to “attack forward” to benxi.Chiang’s army was to attack from the south, with the 52nd army on the left;Attack from the east with the new 6th Army as the center;The 88th division under the 71st Army was on the right, also attacking from the east.At that time, the 71st army commander Chen Mingren is still in Shenyang, so the 88 division command temporarily by Liao Yaoxiang in charge.Our army left the third and fourth columns in the direction of the river.But before the war, the 3 main columns were ordered north, leaving only a 9 brigade to fight with the 4 columns.The task of defending the two columns was all placed on the four columns.The 4 longitudinal commander Wu Kehua in the war meeting, vividly described: Liao Yaoxiang command of the new 6 army is the first tiger;Zhao Gongwu’s 52nd army was a Wolf.As for Chen Mingren’s division 88, it was a rabbit.Tigers, wolves and rabbits gathered in a party, not to be underestimated.Deputy commander Han Xianchu also think that jiang Jun and positive fight hard.Wu Kehua proposed his own idea: “tiger”, “Wolf”, “rabbit” to catch.As long as all the longitudinal officers and soldiers can balance both ends, there is nothing to be afraid of, whether tigers or wolves.According to Wu Kehua’s deployment, the four longitudinal forces headed for Shangpingzhou, Hutou Ya and Xiangshanzi to the west of Benxi for defense.The 10th brigade was assembled at Da anping, and its 30th regiment was in charge of the defense of Pine Ridge;The 31st regiment of the 11th brigade, adjacent to the 30th Regiment, defended itself in the River bank and Banshi Ditch.32 regiment scattered deployment in Liaoyang South Xiangzi Mountain, Wangbao zhai defense;33 regiment is still in the southeast of Haicheng, responsible for the control of the left in Haicheng Jiang 184th division, and at any time to stop the enemy;The 34th regiment of the 12th Brigade is on standby in the attack ditch to the north of Daan.34 regiment, 35 regiment respectively in liaoyang east shizuzi northeast highland, Shizuzi west Hutou cliff defense;The column guard regiment was deployed on the right wing of the 35th Regiment, around Dawa Mountain, Shangpingzhou and Diaoshuilou. All brigades were deployed in an orderly manner without any confusion.This time, the 14th division of the new 6th Army moved ahead of the 4th column.The division advanced rapidly from Liaoyang along the north bank of the Taizi River. By 29 April, the division’s vanguard troops and the 4 longitudinal guard regiment were confronted at Shangping Prefecture, and fierce fighting ensued.Chiang’s troops attacked frantically for a day, but were stopped by the guard regiment and could not move.Seeing the increasing number of casualties, Wu Kehua in the night of April 29 will be 34 regiment out, to replace the guard regiment, at the same time to strengthen the dawa mountain line, to prevent jiang’s army breakthrough.On May 1, the 34th regiment engaged the enemy for another day.At 8 p.m., liaodong Military Region telephoned 34th Regiment to benxi to reinforce the 3rd column, whose defense was replaced by 35th Regiment.On the other side, the new 6th Army’s “Tiger Division” new 22nd division from Huazigou through Tang Puzi, Jiguan Mountain, to garrison pine Ridge’s 4th vertical 30th regiment launched a fierce attack.In the 4 columns, 30 regiment is also known as the “tiger regiment”, “two tigers” meet, immediately into a regiment.Jiang’s army with many people, but also went all the way to the tiger ditch, along the river direction, the results were blocked by the 31 regiment, a time in a dilemma.After a night of fighting, Chiang’s army attacked again.This time, the enemy from the south bank of the Taizi River to qiaotou Xihe Jiapuzi attack, I blocked back to beitai ditch, and then pushed eastward, the results in the middle of the 34th regiment reinforcements benxi met, the two sides into a regiment, casualties were very large.At this time, zhao gongwu on the left took the opportunity to seize Benxi.Seeing this, the “Tiger Division” became more frantic and launched an attack on the defensive positions of the four columns.Seeing that the river had been lost, Wu Kehua thought that there was no need to stop the attack, so at dusk he ordered the four columns to withdraw and take the initiative to transfer.May 2 was the day of the success of Chiang’s army.As the northeast “suppression total” commander Du Yueming is sitting in the headquarters happy, a phone call came in.Du yi, the other party is the new 6 army commander Liao Yaoxiang.At this time, Liao was still in the front line of Benxi.Liao an opening, is full of anger: “88 division commander Hu Jiaxiang don’t listen to orders!”A call to complain, Du seems a little careless.After all, this sort of thing had become the norm in Chiang’s army. “How do you refuse?” he asked.”I asked him to lead his troops to attack the enemy through the southern bank of the Taizi River. But soon after his attack, his troops stopped moving and he quarreled with me. Now he has left his troops behind!””How?”Du asked casually.”He just ran away!Leave the troops where they are!”Du Yuming this next anger up, he shouted to Liao Yaoxiang: “the front line is so tense, a division commander unexpectedly left troops regardless?Find him at once!”Liao yaoxiang cried, “Where can I find him?Now it is too late to bring him back. We must adjust our position quickly, or the enemy will flee!”Du Yuming did not tangle run did not run the problem, he was more worried about 88 division will be surrounded by our army, against being eaten!At the thought of this, he was sweating and ordered the 52nd Army to attack forward at once to prevent the “weakness” of the 88th division from being perceived by me and being completely wiped out.Du Yuming is nervous, Hu Jiaxiang regardless of the guards stopped, ran into the headquarters alone.As soon as Du Yuming Hu opened his mouth, he complained to him: “Liao Yaoxiang’s command is unfair, he put all the combat tasks on my division, the troops of the new sixth Army still stay in place, my division has been exhausted, can not continue to attack!”Du Yuming shouted: “If you have done something wrong or done something good, you can finish the battle. Now I order you to return to the division and atone for your SINS!”But Hu Jiaxiang is also a “reng tou qing”, openly refuted and said: “I now go back to the useless, 88 division to fight all, my task is not finished!”Open commander-in-chief, even a division commander shouted not move, this let Du Yuming very angry.He shouted for the guards to drag Hu down, then removed him from his post.Du Yuming yu nu did not disappear, take the opportunity to appoint his wife younger brother’s nephew Han Zengdong 88 division of the new division.To know, 88 division to Chen Mingren’s 71st army command, Du Yuming of this “favoritism”, when the commander did not know.On seniority, Chen mingren and Du Is comparable.It is also because of this matter, two people are a grudge.Du Yuming up and down the “personnel dispute”, Liao Yaoxiang department also followed Zhao Gongwu “tail”, slowly into the city of benxi.The defense departments calmly withdrew, and Wu Kehua also moved to Lianshan pass, caohekou area, sanbao benxi ended.