Zhang Dexiang’s comment on Transcendence: The unification of sportsmanship and competitive personality

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Sports are not only the way of fitness, but also the way of competition, but also the beauty of sports.Four years of the Olympic Games, the reason to attract hundreds of millions of viewers around the world, is because sports brings the enjoyment of the United States of mankind, people always expect to be able to enjoy the highest level of competitive sports.Ahead of the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, CCTV’s 29-episode TV drama Transcendence is just a sports work, showing the life stories behind sports, which is moving.Transcendence is about sports on the ice, about life on the rink.Plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold, no one can easily succeed, no one can climb to the top without any reason.The achievement is accumulated day by day, the level is improved day by day, beauty is self-transcendence again and again.Short track speed skating, the beauty of speed.Behind speed is power and passion, technology and realm.”Transcendence” is very timely, but it is a work with profound life and distinctive characteristics of The Times. It can be said that it is an artistic narration of the start and development of China’s short track speed skating in the past 30 years.”North Ice South Exhibition”, let more people participate in ice sports.The hard work of three generations has brought the sport to the world level.30 years, three generations, started from nothing, humble, adapted to local conditions, from scratch, from low to high, rushed out of Asia, to the world, running through the Chinese spirit of ice sports.Wu Qinghong, the first generation coach, looked for young skaters from the folk skating rink and took out the most fashionable electronic product “Walkman” as a prize to attract skaters to participate in the competition.It is this “local method” that brought out the first generation of athletes such as Chen Jingye, Zheng Kaixin and Jiang Hong, and provided scarce talents for the national team.Later, they retired and became coaches again, bringing out world-class athletes such as Chen Mian, Luo Zhujun and Xiang Bei to maintain the world-class level of short-track speed skating.The play vividly shows the start and transcendence of this sport in China, and reflects the landscape of the rapid development of Chinese society and the shadow of the changes of The Times, reflects the spirit of Chinese sports, therefore, there are some memorable “history” meaning.But it’s not a history.The narrative structure of Transcendence is unique.Originally, it is a chronological story, but it is divided into two time paragraphs, and the two clues interact with each other. The 1980s and the new century unfold at the same time, increasing the suspense.From the first episode, the audience knew that Chen Jingye and Zheng Kaixin were brothers and teammates, but what happened to them?Why don’t they talk to each other?Chen Jie’s daughter Chen Mian why to cast zheng Kai’s new coach’s door?How will the button come undone?Wait, these are plot suspense, firmly grasp the audience’s expectations.As the narrative progresses, the two clues are approaching the end of suspense, leading to the same destination.When the suspense falls, it is the place where the spirit sublimates, realizing the unification of sports spirit and competitive personality.Yes, the unification of sportsmanship and competitive personality is the highest realm of competitive sports, and the profound enlightenment of Transcendence lies here.Competition is to win unexpectedly, which is not only the perfection of technology, but also the perfection of personality.Sadly, Transcendence shows the growth of a new generation of athletes, such as Chen Mian, Luo Zhujun and Xiang Bei, who gradually complete the sublimation of personality in training and competition. Competition is no longer the struggle for victory of individualism, but the unity and cooperation of collectivism, which is the harmony and joint force of team spirit.Excellent athletes must be the unity of superb skills and noble personality.Artistic activities are aesthetic, so is sports. This kind of beauty comes from the unity of form and god in sports, and from the unity of power and realm.Competitive sports is the challenge to the limit of human movement, the bloom of youth, the gorgeous extreme of life presented in sports, and the ultimate in beauty.Competitive sports, there must be rankings, there are winners and losers, so it is also a very cruel survival of the fittest, a close call, victory and defeat are different, as Chen Jingye said in the play, “someone succeeds, someone fails, someone reaches the top, someone when stepping stone.”That’s the rule.All the athletes have paid all, but only a few top athletes, sweat flow is tears, here is the bitterness of onlookers can appreciate?Fortunately, the show doesn’t shy away from the brutality of the competition.As the first generation of athletes brought out by Wu Qinghong, Chen Jingyi and Zheng Kaixin are teammates and close brothers. They grew up together in Heilongjiang Team and were promoted to the national team at the same time.But in the competition, whether it is intentional or misunderstanding, between brothers because of the game produced differences, contradictions to irreconcilable, mutual forgiveness.Although they are not entirely because of personal glory, but because they did not win the gold medal for the country, duty-bound and regret.Teammates off the court, opponents on the court.How to deal with the relationship between teammates and opponents is actually a kind of experience and test of human realm.The “transcendence” here is not only to constantly surpass oneself in technology, but also to constantly surpass oneself in realm.Only a higher realm, can play a higher technology.As time goes by, both of them eventually transcend the past enmity, thaw the haters, devote themselves to the work of cultivating new people, enter a new realm of life, which can also be regarded as a profound “team friendship”.Another touching point of “Transcendence” is the “teacher and apprentice sentiment”, which is not much covered, but highly dyed.Wu Qinghong coach, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved characters in the play, amiable and respectable.She was the coach, but none of her students could feel her maternal feelings.No matter their position is up or down, never complain, never leave the ice rink, gray hair, but also with the children in the snow training.From hair to white hair, until her death, she spent time with students and disciples, one after another.The rink and skates were cold, but there was a warmth to her presence, like the hot water bottle she carried with her, always steaming.No wonder there were so many students to see her off, full of sorrow and honor, writing the most affectionate chapter of life on the ice rink.With his love for ice sports and care for his apprentices, Coach Wu interprets the most simple sportsmanship and friendship between apprentices, which is inherited and developed from generation to generation through selfless dedication.As a competitive drama, it inevitably involves the innate conditions and acquired efforts of athletes.Why didn’t Chen Jingye agree with his daughter Chen Mian to practice short track speed skating?As a coach, he saw that his daughter did not have any innate advantages in this area, so it was difficult to practice. As a father, he was responsible for his daughter to make such a decision.But the conflict between father and daughter also comes from this, each other.Of course, talent is important, is the first factor, too big congenital differences, it is really not acquired efforts can make up.But where there is little difference in nature, effort is the deciding factor.Chen Mian later able to enter the national team, and on behalf of the state for the Olympics, it is from Zheng Kaixin coach’s guidance, form the habit of overcome her roller-skating, more is her hard, heart and will, challenge the physical limit, overcome mental anxiety, turn the tears into sweat, everything comes to him who waits, god helps those who help themselves, she finally stand out, to the field.As the leading role of the play, Chen Mian’s way of growth, does provide people with beneficial enlightenment.The miracle is to create, there is no acquired forging, talent has no self.I have to say, in addition to the suspense of the story, the picture of the drama is simple and smooth, especially the ice movement shots, such as flying, speeding, winding, waterfall flowing, dazzling, beautiful.I am enjoying both art and sports competition.Athletic competition, in the final analysis, is a dynamic “art” with outstanding skills.There is a vast space for sports TV dramas in China, and Transcendence is a preliminary success.I hope there will be more works to tell good Chinese sports stories, explore the aesthetic meaning of sports, spread the Chinese spirit, grow the ambition of Chinese people, and form Chinese style and style.Author: Zhang Dexiang (Vice Chairman of China Literary and Art Critics Association) Editor: Fan Xin Mastermind: Shao Ling Responsible editor: Shao Ling * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.