Tian Jing with practical action to smash malicious rumors again, kaifeng uncle kua Tian Jing national good daughter-in-law

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Kaifeng aunt mother and daughter died, leaving kaifeng uncle a lonely goose.Old people are most afraid of loneliness, Kaifeng uncle is in need of a warm heart when people talk, but overnight alone in the lonely, Kaifeng uncle’s experience makes people heartache.At this moment, but someone down, malicious dial kaifeng uncle and Tian Jing’s relationship.These people said that the nose has eyes, the evidence is conclusive, said kaifeng uncle has detested the Tian Jing family.Kaifeng aunt mother and daughter died, Tian Jing no condolences, but continue to sell live, Tian Jing’s behavior touched the fragile heart of Kaifeng uncle.Their reason: The Uncle of Kaifeng had posted an article about the death of his aunt and her mother, and a netizen posted a wrong comment under the uncle’s article, roughly saying that the Xu family took the blame while the Tian family made money.My uncle in Kaifeng was blinded and accidentally praised the comment.The unintentional act of Kaifeng uncle was magnified infinitely by people with ulterior motives, and in the end, it evolved into kaifeng uncle’s accusations and dissatisfaction.When the Spring Festival comes, Tian Jing is ready to put uncle Kaifeng and Xu Ma together received henan Zhumadian New Year.In this way, Tian jing intends to prove to netizens that tian and Xu will always be the home of the alliance with broken arms and tendons.Kaifeng uncle originally planned to celebrate the New Year with Tian Jing, before departure, Kaifeng uncle was invited by Yao shibing niece.Yao’s niece hopes her uncle in Kaifeng will spend the Spring Festival with her family.Hospitality, kaifeng uncle had to give up to zhumadian Spring Festival plan.Uncle Kaifeng did not come to Zhumadian for the Spring Festival, but Tian Jing and Yao Wei still bought uncle Kaifeng a lot of gifts, including winter clothes and trousers and all kinds of delicious things.Uncle Kaifeng was a gourmet, and Tian Jing knew what uncle Kaifeng liked to eat.After receiving the gift from Tian Jing, Kaifeng uncle smiled from ear to ear and only praised tian Jing’s gift is good.As a good daughter-in-law tian Jing, in the face of groundless accusations and irrelevant lies on the Internet, Tian Jing did not directly refute rumors, their actions are the best proof.All lies pale in the face of practical action.Do not know those malicious rumors between Tian Jing and Kaifeng uncle contradiction, see Tian Jing’s action, see Kaifeng uncle of Tian Jing’s praise, how will you feel?Tian Jing hit those rumormongers hard in the face with her behavior.A nephew half son, Tian Jing with his actual action filial piety kaifeng uncle.Tian Jing’s actions once again shattered the lie about the conflict between uncle Kaifeng and Tian Jing.