“Shanzhai pier” has flooded the Internet!Cao Xue, the designer, also lost her voice

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Ask a trick every day.These two days, jun saw a variety of pier, glass pier, cake pier, pencil pier, ice sculpture pier, all things can ice pier pier, only you can’t think of, no we can’t do, who also didn’t pier?Ice pier pier, overnight, became the industry top flow.Doll world of the mainstay of the female star Star Star Dai Lu will see tears, the peak period of Ling Na Belle are to submit to defeat.A pier hard to find, two people create.Netizens have realized that only through their own industrious hands can they contribute to the initial realization of the goal of “one hand at a pier”.The most appropriate, is probably around the country a number of real ice pier pier.Have to say, this session of the netizen’s “skillful hands” a bunch, or in addition to color matching what also don’t like.Sandwiched in a complaint grab ice pier pier wails, basked in his “face” pier pier, “mud” pier pier.Of course, there is also a rumor that Bing Dwen dwen lost his powder because he opened his mouth: Pass it on, because Bing Dwen dwen opened his mouth too low, the fans of the collapsed house took off their powder and climbed the wall to melt snow.With the expectation of “one family, one pier and one fusion”, designer Cao Xue has spoken out.How was Ice Dwen Dwen born?Bingdindun’s popularity has not even been predicted by Cao Xue, head of the design team, who said on her microblog that “the design team does not have any special channels to buy Bingdindun.”Holding two hearts of the ice dwen dwen, the first time out of the circle is by his han.Many of us must have been fascinated by photos of Ice shaking snow and getting stuck in doors.Many people’s first impression of Bing Dwen Dwen is that “Bing Dwen dwen has understood the cute” and “he seems to know he is cute”.· “Bing Dwen Dwen” was created by a 14-member team of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts led by Cao Xue. Netizens were surprised that the main creative team came from a place without ice and snow.Speaking of ice dun dun, Cao Xue designer is very feeling, during that time, we almost no holidays.The panda design was selected from nearly 6,000 entries from 35 countries.The ice shell comes from one of the team’s initial shortlisted schemes, ice-sugar gourd.Although the idea of “ice-sugar gourd” was well received, it was not enough to represent the image of a big country, so the team tried again and again to change the images inside the ice shell into milu deer, tiger, rabbit…All kinds of ideas have been proposed and overturned, and finally people still think that the national treasure panda is the most loved by people all over the world!Bing Dwen dwen’s design team said that it took them nearly 10 months to create the image after drawing tens of thousands of manuscripts and making more than 1,000 modifications. Looking back on the selection and creation of the mascot, cao Xue and her team can be described as “conceived in October”.”It’s a double-edged sword. It’s definitely a panda, it’s our national treasure, but the big question is what kind of panda we want to design.”Cao Xue said in the face of media interview.How to surprise something that is too familiar can be harder than creating something completely new.The team trawled through a database of tens of thousands of panda designs and found that almost every idea imaginable had already been used.Finding a unique panda is an almost impossible task, until an idea catches everyone’s eye.Beyond the mascots themselves, they were inspired by another element of the Winter Olympics: the colorful tracks inside the competition venues.An “ice ribbon” is wrapped around the face of a panda wearing an ice shell in the top view of the speed skating track of this Winter Olympics.According to Lin Cunzhen, an expert from the cultural activities department of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organizing Committee, the “ice ribbon” and ice crystal shell of the panda looks like an astronaut, giving it a sense of the future and technology, which is the biggest feature different from the existing panda image.But the team struggled for a while with the name.They gave Bing Dwen Dwen a lot of names, such as “Bing Dwen er”, because they thought the pronunciation of Er hua would be difficult to pronounce.Later, they several experts sitting together chatting when the touch out of the “ice dun dun”!That is to say, rephrase words, cute love!· Design regret · Ice pier Pier is a combination of cold and warm, hard and soft, transparent and opaque, smooth and plush, good-looking and fun.Also, its ice shell is not for differentiation, because it is doing snow sports (wearing a “ski suit”).After the birth of an IP image, peripheral products can also do a second extension.Cao Xue believes that Bing Dwen Dwen still has some regrets in this regard.Take children’s schoolbag as an example, instead of simply sticking a logo sticker, it can be created twice. For example, ice Dun dun can be made into a zipper ring, and its “skateboard” or “ice knife” will open the schoolbag after it slides through.In Cao Xue’s opinion, there is a logical progressive relationship between culture, art and commerciality, and only when the three seamlessly connect can good works be produced.02 Cao Xue — Self-cultivation of Chinese Designers!”Some people say THAT I have become an Internet celebrity, I am at most a sunset red.”Ice pier pier out of the circle, Cao Xue also became a network red designer.But he did not deserve the name.He said that even if he won several awards in a row, he would not necessarily be a master, or overnight success.Masters are never overnight successes, including actors. Masters have their own systems of thought.”The highest level of Chinese design does not necessarily have Chinese elements.”Cao Xue said, “Don’t misread it as if Cao Xue is dismissive of Chinese traditional culture and our elements. What he means is that since you have Chinese blood flowing in your body, you have inherited the blood of Chinese national culture, you don’t have to doubt yourself. When you make a move, at least in the eyes of foreigners, you are Chinese design.Before the design of guangzhou new city image Logo, many peers guess that it is done by young people, some people guess that it is done by foreigners.Why do people think it doesn’t look like a traditional Chinese designer?Before the design of guangzhou city LOGO, Cao Xue thought of the first concept is: how do other people outside Guangzhou see the city?Taking this as the starting point, naturally there was the determination of the element of “small waist”, a new landmark known to outsiders in Guangzhou.At the same time, a careful observation will find that the “small waist” tower is shaped like sails and birds, they carry the implication of Guangzhou as the merchant capital of thousands of years.Without deliberately digging, Cao Xue made modern architecture and long history of integration, so that guangzhou LOGO delicate and durable, quite beautiful.Asian food festival visual image LOGO from the hands of Cao Xue, the design of the new LOGO overall shape like “beauty” “total” “sheep” and other words, far view is such as Chinese traditional culture in the cooker “ding”.The new logo does not contain any deliberate accumulation of traditional cultural elements, but embodies the idea of “harmony without uniformity”, which is the principle of dialogue, exchange and mutual learning among Asian civilizations.Chinese culture, Chinese design!From “Panpan” of the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, “Fuwa Jingjing” of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and “Bing Dwen Dwen” of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the panda has become the prototype mascot of three sports events in a row, and one of the best spokesmen of Chinese culture.”Designers should really understand the Chinese context, rather than add some Superficial Chinese elements,” cao said.Despite the changes of times and lifestyles, the only thing that remains unchanged is that design can dissolve boundaries, regional boundaries and crowd boundaries.Change is the only constant element, we need to use the Chinese way of viewing and expressing the world to do the design.Video: The story of Designer Cao Xue and Bingdwen Dwen bilibili Barrage net: Why Bingdwen Dwen became the mascot of the Winter Olympics?Interview with Cao Xue, chief designer of Bing Dwen Dwen design Team cao Xue: Bing Dwen Dwen is hotly discussed in the world, but I am calm