Lianshui County: make good use of mechanism innovation “combination boxing”, enhance law enforcement combat effectiveness

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In recent years, Lianshui County insists on the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement of emergency management in a prominent position, defers to innovation, promotes the reform work steadily, quickly, faithfully and deeply, speeds up the construction of an authoritative and efficient supervision and law enforcement system consistent with power and responsibility, improves the level of safety prevention ability, and strives to be the pioneer of reform.Rectify existing, expand and increase, and intensify the digging of case sources.Actively carry out cases in recent years to “go back to school”, compile typical cases, summarize the characteristics of cases, strengthen analysis and research, ensure to grasp the new trend of illegal acts, find a new entry point of the case source;We will expand the channels for the source of cases, and allow ordinary people’s calls and visits, reports and complaints on the 12345 hotline, reports with prizes, and suspicious clues to be examined, approved and registered as sources of cases, thus ensuring a steady increase in the number and quality of cases.Unified tie mouth, promote law enforcement closed loop.Specific departments, specializing in case shunting and handling, tie mouth management, through the “case source registration form” “case verification and approval form” on the accepted cases of “full coverage” audit;According to the nature of the case, distribute the handling of complaints, reports and letters and visits, and make a unified reply to achieve efficient circulation of cases and letters and visits and reports;Implement the case progress tracking system, timely follow up the case, clear obstacles, to ensure that the progress of the case timely and effective.Efficient investigation, seeking rapid breakthrough.Establish administrative law enforcement inspection “four” system.The clerk, inspector, case sponsor, case internal auditor into a “battle group”.The “combat team” as the unit to carry out administrative law enforcement inspection, full communication within the group, strict confidentiality outside the group, fully ensure the efficient and powerful case investigation;At the same time, the administrative law enforcement task force and comprehensive research and judgment group have been set up to tackle difficult and typical cases with large impact, wide danger, and strive to form a batch of law enforcement models and complete a batch of influential trans-regional law enforcement.We will give full play to the function of comprehensive supervision, improve the transfer mechanism, work closely to link up executions, and speed up the deterrence of law enforcement.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: