Hongik University, South Korea

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With the blooming of peach blossom, many children who learn painting also took out their own canvas and color paste began their own landscape painting.Sometimes when going out to play, the students who saw the scenery sketching, although it is not easy to affect her (him), or can not help but stop to watch.Today, let’s take a closer look at a famous university in Seoul, which is also the setting for many Korean entertainment TV series.Although this university is a comprehensive university, it is famous for its arts and crafts – its name is Hongik University.Hongik University is located in the special city of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Its campus is located in Sangsu-dong, Mapo district, Seoul. It is located in the bustling area of the city and the core area of economic development, culture and creativity of Seoul and even Korea.In 1971, Hongik University developed into a comprehensive university, among which the departments of arts and Crafts and design were better known, as well as the departments of humanities and Social Sciences and Science and engineering.Architecture, electronic information technology, control technology, Marine technology, business administration, plastic Arts Management, publicity and advertising, stage layout, art performance, film and television production, multimedia design and animation technology are also the founders of relevant professional fields in Korea.Hongik University has two main campuses: The Chungyeol campus and the Sejong Campus.And its three campuses, birds to honestly, in the south of the Yangtze river area, water area, the original campus, banpo campuses, and with independent management and regulation of Seoul, South Korea, campus sports venues, Seoul university LuHong yi culture and art center industry base of scientific research, zhong qing south road Tai’an City thousand Wan Lipu deep-sea research institute and its 60 square campus facilities and buildings.With 16 undergraduate universities, 78 departments,Undergraduate university include: university of science and engineering, university of engineering and construction, operation management university, literature and history class university, the university of laws and regulations, the global economy, normal school university, business major university, university of arts and crafts, progress of science and technology university, university of advertisement, modelling design college, university of mobile phone games, sports, college, university of foreign languages school, global financial institute.And its 12 graduate schools, 74 programs,Institute opened: idas (comprehensive research institute, international design institute (that is, the design of surrounding hongik university international professional college), engineering and construction, city institute, institute of business and media advertisement institute, institute of culture and education, arts and crafts institute, institute of arts and crafts, modelling art academy for performing arts, film and television production, multimedia system research,Sports Science Research Institute, Intelligent City Innovation Management Research Institute.The most famous of these,Oriental painting print system, the art of painting, wood carving, sculpture, design fashion, fashion design, department of visual communication design, industrial design, product modeling design of metal material, ceramic production departments, wood furniture modelling design department, chemical fiber, department of fine arts, plastic arts, promotional advertising, history, humanities and social psychology, furniture design, advertising creative product designThese 78 departments and departments, nearly 300 more professional courses.To learn more