Chase after fierce seven days and seven nights to open the case of small town kidnapping

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In 2018, as people bid farewell to the Qingming Holiday, people go to their posts and students carry on with their school bags.However, Hulun Buir City Zhalan Tunshi Hao Rao Mountain town 11-year-old boy Zhao Lizhi was kidnapped on the way home from school, parents anxious, the town temporarily quiet.And as the police in-depth investigation found that this case was actually a case in the case of murder and kidnapping — extortion phone suddenly to the missing boy mysterious return at 7:23 on April 8, 2018, The Phone of the Police brigade of Zhalantun City Public Security Bureau suddenly rang, the police on duty just picked up the phone, the other end came to the anxious voice:”I am Zhao Zhen, a resident of Hao Rao Town. Someone just called my daughter-in-law and said that my son Zhao Lizhi was in his hands. He asked me to prepare a ransom of 5 million yuan, or I would kill him!Officer, I’ve lived my life by myself, not by myself!Please help me get my son back, he’s so young…”Choking, the father was filled with helplessness and panic.The case is major, Zhalantun city public security Bureau immediately formed a task force, Zhalantun city deputy mayor, director of public security Wang Yuzhang the first time to mobilize Interpol brigade, traffic police brigade, special police brigade, network security brigade police into the case.At the same time, the case reported to the Hulunbuir City public Security Bureau, Hulunbuir city deputy mayor, public security director Fu Bin instructed in charge of director of the wanjun and criminal investigation branch leader Teng Lishan quickly rushed to hao Grao town to carry out work.The police learned that zhao Zhen’s family has 5,000 mu of land available for contract. According to the market contract price, the land contract fee alone can earn more than one million yuan a year. Meanwhile, Zhao’s family also plants more than 600 mu of land, so it is a well-known rich family in the local area.Can not think of, family wealth, has attracted covetous, attracted kidnappers.Investigation, in the face of zhao Zhen to provide the kidnapper call number, the task force police immersed in meditation: this is the real phone number or the kidnapper play a set of cover-up cover-up?The reason does not have him, the lion big mouth kidnapper calls the number true can check, the machine owner is certain, is it a novice crime?Or carelessness?If the conjecture is true, then the kidnappers have been exposed.But is this really the case?Lock the kidnapper phone at the same time, the task force police found a suspicious vehicle in combing the surrounding surveillance camera video, video shows that the car in the day of the incident has been followed home after school Zhao Lizhi, and into a residential area of Zhao Zhen.After the inquiry, the car owner information and kidnappers phone owner information is consistent, clues point to Xingunita Ulan Hot city man Zhao Qichen.Zhao Qichen became a key suspect in the case.So, the kidnapper is zhao Qichen really?Be in police search further, when affirming evidence, bizarre incident happens in succession — Zhao Lizhi came back!At 9:13 a.m. on April 9, Zhao Zhen’s mobile phone rang for the second time, and it was the kidnapper’s phone!Pretending to be calm, Zhao Zhen answered the phone. He thought about how to respond when the kidnappers urged him to hand over the money, and even what to do when he heard his son cry for help.However, life does not overlap with the scene of film and television works, the phone, the kidnapper just hurriedly put down a sentence: “your child in two river pump room.”Finish finish, hurriedly hang up the phone.For a moment, Zhao zhen wondered if he had heard something wrong and immediately reported the situation to the police.Is the kidnapper trying to find out whether the family will call the police, or a sudden conscience to give up kidnapping?If it is a tentative move, the other party is bound to quietly observe the external situation in the favorable terrain around the Two River pump house.So, after mastering the surrounding environment of the two river pump room, the task force police disguised as local farmers, to view the pump room, the results did not find Zhao Lizhi, the kidnappers have no trace.Did the police expose their whereabouts?Is this really just a trial by the kidnappers?At this point, all the hearts were raised.At this time, Zhao Zhen called again, said the kidnappers with tape will Zhao Lizhi tied in two river pump room, left the pump room, Zhao Lizhi took the opportunity to bite with teeth, friction with hard objects, out of the tape.After escaping, Zhao Lizhi slowly found his way home along the ruts when he was kidnapped.Different male body refresh clues game to disperse the fog that Zhao Lizhi safe home news, task force police slightly relieved.The kid went home. What about the kidnapper?Did you abscond or did you move on to the next target and start kidnapping again?What caused him to suddenly give up kidnapping?A series of problems in front of the police, detection work is still facing great pressure.One day can not catch the kidnappers, the heart of the police can not be put down one day.The kidnappers have not been seen since April 9, when they spoke to Zhao zhen by phone, and Zhao Qichen, who has been named as a key suspect, has not been seen.But then something new happened to the case.On April 10, a man’s body was found in Zhalai Banner, Xingan League.After checking, the dead is actually the police in the kidnapping case has been looking for Zhao Qichen.Autopsy results show that Zhao Qichen was killed, the time of death for April 8, can rule out the suspected of kidnapping.Who killed Zhao Qichen?Will this person be the real kidnapper who kidnapped Zhao Lizhi?After analysis and judgment, the two police decided to investigate two cases together, in accordance with the autonomous region public security department criminal investigation team and Hulun Buir City public security chief Fu Bin requirements, set up a joint task force.Investigation work progresses to this one step, the contest of police and real murderer enters game stage.Through the kidnapping scene, throw the car scene and murder scene of the footprint comparison, the joint task force police found a suspected real murderer’s footprint, according to the sketch of the criminal suspect general physical characteristics, for the next investigation work to determine the direction.Meanwhile, the task force extracted biological materials from three sites of the case and sent them overnight to the Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau and the Ministry of Public Security for examination.Based on the wounds on the body, the police concluded that the suspect may have used a small knife similar to a wallpaper knife to kill Zhao qicchen. In addition, the footprints taken at the scene also successfully matched a similar shoe bottom pattern.After field measurement and calculation, it takes at least 12 minutes to drive back and forth from the place where Zhao Qichen was killed to the place where Zhao Lizhi was kidnapped. Zhao Qichen was killed at about 6:40 p.m. on April 8, and the suspected vehicle appeared in the video at 7 p.m. in the evening:About 09 minutes, if the real murderer wanted to kill Zhao Qichen before Zhao Lizhi under the cram school, then the kidnapper only had about 17 minutes.Police analysis, in order to accurately grasp the li-zhi zhao schedule to and from school, and understand his tutoring place and route home, need to advance to casing for many times, before the suspect in the kidnapping was sure to occur around the related sites within the video, but after screening, the police have not found in the video image, the figure of suspected criminal suspects.That leaves only one possibility: the suspect himself had some knowledge of school start and end times.With this as the investigation direction, the police began a new round of platoon.Suspects surfaced police thunder arrest in this round of touch row, wang Mingliang, a man who lives in The town of Hao Rao, entered the police line of sight.Wang Mingliang, a distant relative of Zhao zhen, contracted the school bus business for Haolaoshan school in 2017.Police investigating his social connections found that Wang led a dissolute lifestyle and had a mistress in The city of Zhalantun.At the same time, wang Mingliang’s youngest son and children playing inadvertently said that on the evening of April 8, he saw his father seemed to have burned something in their kang hole.Considering that Wang Mingliang knew zhao Zhen’s home and school time, he was under great economic pressure and had abnormal behavior on the night of Zhao Qichen’s death, the police judged that Wang Mingliang was suspected of committing a major crime.In order to avoid the alarm, the joint task force did not immediately carry out the arrest, but to send police all-weather monitoring suspect’s whereabouts.April 15 at 2 PM, police found ming-liang wang bought a bus ticket, ready to leave zhalantun, after the two police for discussion, planning, determined to catch orders, head of the pie and the policemen in the passenger car path by ming-liang wang set up checked posts interception, casual follow after the bus, the Interpol brigade police in time to catch.A net was thrown at the suspect.At 3:00 p.m. on April 15, after locking wang Mingliang’s blue bus, three police officers from zhonghe police Station got on the bus for checking dangerous explosive items and quickly confirmed Wang Mingliang’s location. At this time, the suspect looked listless, leaning on the seat, and did not care about the surrounding situation.After evacuating the other passengers on the bus, the three policemen moved their station position slowly and approached Wang Mingliang slowly. At the moment when they formed a double-trap situation, they captured Wang Mingliang in one fell move with a strong momentum.At the beginning of the trial, Wang Bright every possible way to deny deny, pretend to be easy, but when the police will be a piece of evidence in front of him, Wang Bright’s psychological defense completely collapsed, truthfully confessed to their premeditated killing Zhao Qichen, kidnapping Zhao Lizhi extortion money criminal facts.Wang Mingliang confessed, its contract school bus last year not only did not earn money, but owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts, and there are families and mistresses need to support, economic pressure makes him burned, every day thinking about how to quickly get money, wealthy distant relatives Zhao Zhen then attracted his attention.He knows because middle-aged get child, Zhao Zhen is very fond of a son unusually, feel if blackmail with son photograph is not a problem at all, together with the environment around time and make up lesson place that he knows Zhao Determined to go to school, planned a series of crime method very quickly.In order to hide the matter, wang Mingliang walked from Hao Raoshan town to a bridge in Jalight Banner at 7 PM on April 8 and took a private car. The driver who kindly picked up Wang Mingliang was Zhao Qicchen, who had just received grain and was going home.He never imagined that his life would end in picking up a stranger.In the car to Bayantala forestry management and protection station, see no one, Wang Mingliang put on gloves, suddenly flashed the wallpaper knife prepared in advance, frame zhao Qichen’s neck, forcing each other to drive the car to no one in maanshan Stone scenery area after getting off, go to a remote place, and threaten each other to say mobile phone password.During this period, the physique of Zhao Qichen once broke away from Wang Mingliang escape, but unfortunately caught up with the other side from the back of a knife cut neck, and then the vital part was crazy continuous cut dozens of knives.After committing a series of heinous acts, Wang broke the victim’s hamstrings, finally changed the victim’s clothes, took his mobile phone and drove off in his car, the whole crime took only 15 minutes.Driving back to Zhalantun city, Wang Mingliang went straight to the distance from Zhao Lizhi make-up site of the nearest intersection waiting for the target.7 in the evening, Zhao Lizhi out of cram school, Wang Mingliang driving all the way followed to the village, in the boy just want to enter the corridor door get off to block: “do you know their trouble?”Only 11 years old child was afraid, because some time ago he had just been punished by the school for wounding classmates, thought is it because of this matter again?So, zhao Lizhi got on the car under wang Mingliang’s sign, didn’t realize he would be kidnapped.Later, Wang Mingliang used Zhao Qichen’s mobile phone to call Zhao Lizhi’s mother and demand a sky-high ransom.Hearing Wang’s words, Zhao Lizhi shouted in the side: “My family where there is so much money?”Words just fell, immediately by Wang Mingliang bound hands and feet with tape, sealed the mouth.After hanging up the phone, Wang Mingliang left Zhao qichen’s car in a remote area near dongpingtai village and walked back to his home. Then he burned the clothes he had worn at the time of the murder, the victim’s clothes, bloody change and wallpaper knives into the kang Dong.As the saying goes, a clear conscience is not afraid of ghosts.After killing and kidnapping Wang Bright day in fear, on edge all day long, this panic until the hao Rao mountain town saw a lot of police rose to the extreme.After thinking over and over, he did not dare to continue his kidnapping, so he informed Zhao Zhen at 9:00 a.m. on April 9 and told zhao Lizhi’s location.Perhaps realizing that he would eventually escape the law, Wang stayed in Zhalantun since then, squandering the money he earned from killing Zhao in bath centers and restaurants.On April 15, 2018, Wang Mingliang decided to flee The city of Zhalantun.A pair of cold handcuffs dragged him into the French net as he sat on the same-day bus, still distraught.Interrogation Wang Mingliang said that the kind of panic all day long escape life collapse, was caught but feel relieved.He could not forgive the callousness with which he had killed.He knew that under the justice of the law he would be held accountable for his heinous crimes.