What is the answer to this riddle?

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Lao Wang’s father, Lao Lao Wang came to Lao Lao Wang also from the countryside with a “cattle whip” Lao Wang cooking, braised beef whip Wang sister-in-law when eating feel this dish image special flavor and strange ask: “Dad, what is this called dishes?”Lao Lao Wang could not explain, so he said perfunctorily: “Eat, don’t worry about so much!”Wang’s wife asked him again, “Something from an animal!””Do you have any?” asked Sister-in-law Wang.Lao Wang replied, “Yes!”Wang Sister-in-law asked again: “That I have on the body?”Lao Wang thought for a moment and answered, “Sometimes yes, sometimes no!”(It is said that bicycles run faster and save energy with this.) I have an uncle who didn’t mix well when I was young. When I was just sensible,Went in and then in recent twenty years in prison is finally out in the home found wife bare him looked at such a beautiful daughter is eighteen years old daughter all these years, more look more like the village head liu wanted to think, daughter didn’t look like liu I certainly absent this father, let’s give her a bath (wet anyway, in this case, take a bath,Is not beautiful zai) (” blind bullshit “) Old wang bought a quick charge mobile phone, charging thief quick old wang feel good every time the mobile phone to play no electricity to charge and then look for Wang SAO Hey sex hey just full of electricity then play mobile phone two do not delay (you say don’t let into, don’t let into, I much have no face ah, go in) (this acrobatics,Is really tired to death cat) Flat pear mixed with the backbone of the company but the salary aspect is not satisfactory recently want to resign to discuss with the boss, the boss all kinds of unwilling ah say what you do in the company also good with colleagues also very good finally say a sentence: do you go to work just for money?Flat pear is very embarrassed to come back to ask me, I a mouth fan past not for money, can also engage in charity?(You know why you always lose? Do you know now?)(I know it’s the red light district, I’m not peeking.) I was at a wedding the other day and I knew I could bullshit, so I was emcee and I asked the guy’s father if his daughter-in-law was okay and he said, “How about a grandchild for you?”He said good I said, later to your family to make a lot of money?He said that I suddenly said, tonight with you sleep?He said yes and then the relatives and friends all laugh crazy then I was hit you like a little sister first play QQ group can come to again QQ group no. Is this 1077395474 think into WeChat group can leave WeChat ID inform people people if you can’t keyword search tool integration package before the game live and played WeChat public home page inside the game in this menuIn the article…Ask what time of live broadcast all do not return !!!!!!Other not easy to say, brothers some electric race already dragged me half a year did not let live broadcast of New Year’s day of time say can resign leave but backtracked half a year do not send salary also do not let go send video also was seen forbid send then what all drag, look!.You like little sister second play…Pictures from the Internet……Assault delete