Two-way four-lane, parking lot, green belt, and future pocket park, under the East and West Lake Four-ring bridge will be “greatly changed”

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Jinbei 1st Road is ready to open to traffic, and jinbei 1st Road extends forward as the Fourth Ring Road.Reporter Ren Yong took the Yangtze River Daily wuhan client on April 9, the four ring line across the East and West Lake district, just like a ribbon connected with the surrounding city, now this “ribbon” below the space will be “greatly changed”.7, the changjiang daily reporter from dongxihu four loop space under the bridge road engineering constructed by build three innings, about 6.2 km bridge space, “transformation” will appear on the urban municipal roads, car parks, green belts, and so on, there is still a pocket park, the pedestrian green way, become a city landscape road, recreational area.A worker works on a road in North Kim.The space under the bridge starts at the intersection of Jinbei Road and ends at the Han River dike.Changjiang daily reporter at the scene of the starting point to see, four ring road bridge is preliminary already appeared, the size of the four lanes respectively in the loop between various bridge piers, use of cast-in-place concrete wall, form a natural separation zone, walking vehicle noninterference, lane between the future will be green, formation of strewn at random discretion greening landscape, is expected to open to traffic in the first half of the year.Workers work under the fourth Ring bridge.The road under the bridge of the Four-ring road, with a total length of about 6.2 kilometers, “intersects” with 13 roads along the road in dongxihu District, such as Jinbei 1st Road, Zhuangzhi Road, Lingyun Road, Jinshan Avenue, Dongwu Avenue, And Yuanyuan Street North Road, just like a “fish bone”, connecting the surrounding roads in series to realize the intersection and diversion of traffic flow in various places.In the future, it will greatly improve the travel connection and efficiency of the surrounding industrial park and residential areas, benefiting nearly 300,000 residents in the surrounding area.At the intersection of Tuanjie Street and the fourth Ring Road, the space under the bridge has turned into a parking lot. The green floor tiles have been spliced to pave hundreds of parking Spaces, which are expected to be open to the public after the completion of the project.At the intersection of Tuanjie Street and the fourth Ring Road, the space under the bridge has turned into a parking lot. Green floor tiles have been spliced to pave more than one hundred parking Spaces. The project is expected to open to the public after completion.Zhang Guoqing, the project secretary, introduced that there are four similar parking lots in the whole line, respectively located at the on-ramp of the four-ring line, making full use of the idle space under the bridge.Road map.The green belt on both sides of the road under the fourth Ring Road bridge is said to be huge, with a total area of about 126,000 square meters.Gold all the way to the great road north, for example, before the bridge on both sides and are clearing, now green belts on both sides of the red line width of each have about 30 meters, stay to conduct a comprehensive green again, after the completion of the road landscape along the path of ascension, but also for the surrounding residents to provide leisure place such as walking, cycling, become the four circle space makes full use of the model under the bridge.In addition, the reporter learned that in the construction of the supporting road, sponge city technology is also used to restore the drainage function of the original 11 branch ditches. Under the road green belt, a large-scale drainage tank culvert is built to solve the current and even long-term rainy season drainage of the surrounding area, and improve the ability to cope with the flood season.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is any wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us by email. We will promptly deal with it.Email address: