“The wind” mission action | hao gong traffic police to carry out the traffic safety propaganda activities into the enterprise

2022-07-27 0 By

In order to effectively improve the masses’ awareness of traffic safety, further prevent and curb road traffic accidents, and create a good road traffic environment for the masses to travel, recently, the traffic police Hao Jiang Brigade second squadron organized police into the district shiling gas station to carry out traffic safety publicity activities.Combined with typical traffic accident cases, the activities, the police in detail traffic safety knowledge, to remind employees to improve their traffic safety consciousness and self awareness, firmly rejected the traffic habits, put an end to the overcrowding speeding, drunken driving through a red light, fatigue driving, drunk driving such as traffic violations, consciously abide by traffic regulations, safety civilization.The police also paste in the conspicuous position of the enterprise “know the danger will be avoided, safe and civilized travel” “helmet belt, safety often in” series of traffic safety propaganda wall charts, issued traffic safety publicity materials to the staff, advocate civilized traffic new wind, and strive to create a “civilized traffic, everyone involved” publicity atmosphere.Reprint please specify source: Shantou traffic police